Girls Locker Room: Grabbing the eyeballs of many, yesterday the screenshot of an Instagram group named 'Bois Locker Room' was released in which boys from Delhi were seen objectifying women and talking about raping them. After the chat was exposed by a South Delhi girl on Twitter, Delhi Police has arrested the school student.

Now, the 'girl' version of the Boys Locker Room is making the headlines when some of the secret chats have been shared on Instagram, which highlights a group were girls are objectifying boys in a sexual manner. The alleged women-only group is reportedly run by girls and allegedly talks about men in a disrespectful manner.

girls locker room

A woman has shared screenshots on the platform claiming that there's another group run by girls that sexualise and materialise boys.

This has stirred a debate on Twitter and people are demanding similar kinds of punishment for the girls involved in these chats. 

From calling guys 'Maal' to objectifying the body of a girl, some seriously disturbing messages that have been exchanged on the group. Some of the demeaning messages from the Girls locker room chat read, "His d*ick, his back, or think he's a gay, I wanted to f*ck him the moment he started walking. I wanna lick him. I want him for dinner tomorrow. Yum."

International Business Times, India couldn't independently verify the authenticity of the chats.

Have a look: 

Disclaimer: This article is based on threads, screenshots and reactions from Twitter and Instagram pages of various social media users who were the first few to leak the lewd conversations of 'Girls locker room'.