The United States is widely considered as a UFO hotbed, and the country has been witnessing several unidentified flying object sightings since the infamous Roswell incident. As UFO sightings in the country increased dramatically, the Pentagon even launched a secretive investigative program named AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) aimed at unveiling secrets surrounding unknown flying object sightings. As mysteries loom up, another triangular UFO has appeared in the skies of New York.

TR-3B or aliens?

A video of the alleged UFO sighting has now gone viral on online spaces, and it shows the trio of strange lights floating across the night sky in a triangular formation. The UFO lights seem to appear orange in color, and the eyewitness who captured the event exclaims, "They're flying next to each other and look like stars. It's a triangle, I don't know what it is."

Interstellar aliens
Representational Picture: Pixabay

As the video uploaded to YouTube by the conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' went viral, viewers started putting forward their theories to explain the bizarre sighting. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that aliens have paid the visit to earth.

However, some other viewers suggested that the triangular lights which appeared in New York skies could be most probably the secretive TR-3B flying crafts. Conspiracy theorists believe that TR-3B is an anti-gravity military vessel developed by the United States Air Force during the time of the Gulf War. According to these conspiracy theorists, TR-3B is made with reverse engineering technology, and it is developed with the help of aliens in Area 51.

Even though conspiracy theorists have put forward several bizarre theories to explain the strange UFO sighting in New York, skeptics assure that the lights that appeared in the skies could be drones.

North Dakota mystery continues

A few days back, another UFO sighting was reported in North Dakota. In a video uploaded to YouTube by self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring, a glowing circular UFO was seen hovering in the skies during the early morning hours. In his website post, Waring claimed that sightings like these are irrefutable proof of alien existence on earth.