Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that an alien species from an advanced civilization has been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years. According to these conspiracy theorists, this alien species is so advanced, and they are apparently using clouds to hide their presence in the skies. Adding up the heat to these bizarre theories, popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Mavi777 has recently uploaded a video that shows a cloud formation very similar to a UFO mothership.

UFO cloud baffles netizens

In the video, a cloud can be seen in the daylight, and its shape literally resembles the alien motherships often depicted in Hollywood sci-fi films. The video was apparently shot from Santa Clara, California, and in the skies, a solitary white cloud can be seen hanging motionless in the sky.

UFO cloud
Alleged UFO that appeared in CaliforniaYouTube/Mavi777

The cloud spotted in California has a smooth disc-shaped bottom, and it has a top roundish cap. Most of the people who watched the clip strongly believe that the UFO spotted in the skies could be an alien ship. According to these alien enthusiasts, extraterrestrial species from deep space are cleverly using clouds to hide their presence from the general public. 

However, skeptics dismissed the arguments surrounding aliens, and they made it clear that the mysterious UFO structure that appeared in the skies could be lenticular clouds. 

The mindblowing revelation from former Israeli space security chief

It was around a few weeks back that Haim Eshed, the former space security chief of Israel sensationally claimed that alien presence on earth is real. Surprising alien enthusiasts all across the world, Eshed revealed that world powers like the United States and Israel are in direct contact with advanced beings from outer planets. 

Eshed also claimed that there is an agreement between aliens and the United States. He also argued that there is a galactic federation in which aliens and representatives from the US are members. The former space security chief also hinted about the presence of a secret underground base on Mars.