An unusually giant meteor burned up in the skies of West Virginia on December 27, and the event has now emerged as the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and space experts. The bright object that burned up in the atmosphere unleashed orange light in the skies, and the video of the event showed the burning object falling vertically to the land. 

meteor west virginia
UFO Sightings Daily
Mysterious meteor that burned up in West Virginia
Several videos of the mysterious meteor mid-air burn up are now being shared widely on social media plstforms. In most of the videos, a flaming object with a burning tail can be seen nose-diving to the earth's surface. However, until now, no reports regarding the retrieval of debris have been made. 
Conspiracy theorists suspect alien presence
Even though an actual meteor has burned up in the skies of West Virginia, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the object that screeched across the skies could be an alien UFO. Self-proclaimed alien hunter Scott C Waring who analyzed the video claimed that the mysterious object in the skies could be a UFO limping back to the closest alien base with an extremely damaged ship. 
"Clearly no impact from a meteor was recorded, found or reported, so this object as huge as it was didn't impact or burn any area of ground. This is a UFO and it was limping back to the closest alien base with an extremely damaged ship. The alien base is most likely under a tall mountain in West landed safely, but barely made it in one piece to the alien base," wrote Waring on his blog UFO Sightings Daily
Waring also uploaded a video to YouTube detailing his findings, and followers of the conspiracy theorist are pretty much convinced about the alien theory. Most of the viewers who watched the video strongly claim that aliens are visiting the earth regularly, and they argue that the US government is well aware of an extraterrestrial presence in the country.