Scott C Waring is a self-styled alien researcher who is currently operating from Taiwan. The conspiracy theorist enjoys a huge fan following; all credit goes to some of the anomalies he spotted on NASA images taken from Mars and the moon. And now, Waring has claimed that humans are living on Mars, and he also put forward a picture to substantiate his theory.

Astronaut fixing rover in Mars

Scott C Waring put forward this theory after spotting a mysterious image taken by NASA rover on Mars. Waring spotted a repaired rover with tapes on the Martian surface, and be assured that this could be proof of human presence on the Red Planet.

humans on mars
UFO Sightings Daily/NASA

"You know like I might make using a garden hose to fix my radiator hose in my 4x4 truck. Well, this guy used some pink sponge matting and it is not even big enough to cover the whole area around the pipe. Then he tied it together with some plastic gold string and tied a knot. It's so poorly done that it looks like someone with zero experience with technology did the repair job. Anyways, you make up your own mind. I sure made up mine!" wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Humans sent to Mars to assure dominance in space

Waring, on his website, claimed that the United States has sent humans to Mars to assure their dominance in space. He also added that this secretive base on Mars had destroyed Russian probes that were sent to earth's cosmic neighbor.

"This is 100% proof that NASA has someone on Mars fixing the rover. The person living on mars has to have others there too, so there is already a whole colony on Mars. The USA wants to remain a world power and keep other countries off of Mars. That's why all the Russian probes sent to Mars have been destroyed within minutes of getting there...except some died on the way," added Waring.

A few days back, Haim Eshed who served as the head of Israel's space security program for more than 30 years had claimed that the United States has a secret base on Mars. He also made it clear that the United States has been working hand-in-glove with the aliens, as a part of the galactic federation.