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Telugu actress Mehreen Pirzada, who is busy shooting for Pantham, has revealed that the US police officials questioned her for 30 minutes with regard to the Tollywood sex racket that is creating ripples in the media.

The police officials recently busted the sex racket involving some Telugu actresses and arrested an Indian-origin couple - producer Mogudumidi Kishan and his wife Chandra. Later, they questioned three top south Indian actresses for nearly six hours. The latest we hear is that the police have heightened the scrutiny and are questioning Telugu actresses travelling to the country.

Mehreen Pirzada was questioned by officials of US Department of Homeland & Immigration at Vancouver airport in Canada. The Telugu actress was travelling from Vancouver to the US to meet her family after wrapping up the shoot of her Telugu film Pantham. The police grilled her when they came to know that she was an actress.

Talking to a leading daily, Mehreen Pirzada revealed that she was not aware of the Tollywood sex racket in the US and she was embarrassed when the cops started questioning her. During the interrogation, she was asked about her purpose of visiting the US.

"I am shocked. It was so embarrassing. I was constantly travelling and wasn't aware of the emergence of news regarding such illegitimate activities. As an actress, I have got my recognition from the Telugu film industry. It is my bread and butter. When I revealed that I was a Telugu actress, I was questioned for 30 minutes," Deccan Chronicle quoted Mehreen Pirzada as saying.

"The immigration officials politely told me that there was a serious racket that they were investigating and that they were questioning everybody from the Telugu film industry travelling to the US. I told them that I visited both Canada and the US often because I had family there," added Mehreen Pirzada.

Mehreen Pirzada said that the actions of a few people put the whole Telugu film fraternity to shame. "Although they apologized for the inconvenience, they said that they would continue to question people until all those involved in the racket were taken to task. Their impression of Telugu actors is really embarrassing. As an artist, I felt it was a very awkward situation," said the actress.