TG Vishwa Prasad

People Media Factory, a popular name in Tollywood known for making many films, is all set for the release of its new project Eagle. Featuring Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, film is all set to hit the screens on February 9th. Ahead of film's release, producer TG Vishwa Prasad attended an interview for the film promotion.

In this interview, TG Vishwa Prasad, the movie's producer, interestingly talked about the widespread problem of corruption in the film industry and discussed the measures they are taking to tackle it. He openly admitted that corruption is present in the film industry, discussing how it adversely affects production companies. He said that he identified three types of corruption impacting the industry: price corruption (10-30%), quantity corruption, and quality corruption.


To elaborate, he gave a live example of price corruption, mentioning a caravan with a corruption of 500 Rs, which they considered controllable. However, he highlighted the growing problem when numerous vehicles were involved, demonstrating the difficulties faced in fighting against corruption.

Talking about the same he said, "Most of the times, union dramas occur in the movie industry, but they seldom benefit actual union members. Instead, the film industry's mafia elements often exploit all these situations. However, we have successfully eradicated such practices. Corruption is a significant concern in the industry, impacting every production company. The extent of its impact varies, but we strive to keep it within manageable levels."

TG Vishwa Prasad

"There are three types of corruption. First comes price corruption which is usually about 10-30%. Then comes quantity corruption and then quality corruption. For real-time example, a caravan comes up with a corruption of 500 rs. We ignore it since it is manageable. If there are 4-6 vehicles but 10 are being reported. The third level is where quality corruption happens when I am not provided with a caravan that is in good condition. Such caravans spoil the mood of the stars and actors which in turn affects their performance and overall quality of the film. This is a real example and I am not making it up. This example highlights how corruption detrimentally affects the overall movie experience," he added.