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A Trichy auto driver was beaten to death by a group of intoxicated men after he tried stopping them from harassing his female passenger. The incident happened on May 19, Sunday, outside the Trichy Famous Biryani restaurant.

The victim, identified as Abdullah, had taken his passenger to Trichy Famous Briyani restaurant. He waited for her outside the restaurant while she went inside to pick her parcel. During that time, an inebriated man bumped into the woman on purpose, revealed Tashmin Banu, the victim's wife.

"My husband immediately questioned the man and the people with him, and then, a tussle ensued. They hit each other and then the drunk man left, threatening to bring more people. But my husband didn't take it seriously. However, he did come back with three men and they all hit him till he died. They used a wooden plank to beat his head," Tashmin told The News Minute.

However, when the Srirangam Assistant Commissioner of Police, K Ramachandran, was contacted, he brushed off the incident, saying that Abdullah was also inebriated and got into a fight with the other men who were also drunk.

"Abdullah was also inebriated and he died because he was pushed to the ground and sustained head injuries. It was not a big fight...The man who allegedly harassed this woman is Nagarajan, who was also drunk," Ramachandran said.

Tashmin, on the other hand, is very confident that her husband would never drive when he is intoxicated. She questioned why the police were saying that he too was drunk. She said, "All he did was fight against people harassing a woman and there is nothing wrong in that. Not even one person in that restaurant came to help him and now the police are saying this."