Nokia Monarch Tipped as T-Mobile Bound Lumia 635 LTE Smartphone Model
A worker poses with the new Nokia Lumia 925 at its launch in London.Reuters

Most of Nokia's new Lumia handsets run on the Windows Phone 8 OS with refreshing live tile interface but like all smartphones they also face battery outage.

To improve the battery life of the Lumia smartphones, we compiled a list of anecdotes that are found to be effective.

Enable power saver mode: The first and foremost step to manage the Lumia's battery usage is to activate the power saver mode. Once the battery life goes below the minimum threshold (20-percent), it automatically stops apps from doing background tasks like notification and live updates.

To activate: Go to Settings >> battery saver

And then tap Advanced >> select options either 'when battery is low' or 'Now until next charge'. There is also a third option - 'Always', but this is not recommended as this affect overall functioning of apps in the smartphone.

Lower the screen brightness: Smartphone's brightness is known to drain battery faster than any other features, hence users are advised activate 'Automatically adjust' and switch level to low.

To make the appropriate change; Go to Settings >> Automatically adjust

Switch the level to low.

Disable Wi-Fi: Apart from brightness, the Wi-Fi feature is also notorious for sucking the battery life, especially the Wi-Fi tethering feature which usually consumes more power for scanning the network reception. Hence, users are advised to switch-off Wi-Fi when there is no use for it.

Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> switch-off Wi-Fi networking

Turn off location services: Applications such as Weather and Navigation are constantly active in the background as they are connected to the internet.

Disable auto connect to Xbox games online: If users are active at online games, they can simply switch-off.

Go to Settings >> swipe left side to 'applications'

Then tap on 'games' >> switch off 'Connect with Xbox'

Use data connection selectively: Based on the country, user will have choice of 2G/3G/4G (in India Lumia owners will have only two choices 2G & 3G), use 2G to enjoy longer battery life and also activate data connection on needed.

Go to Settings >> tap mobile network >> Data connection- off

Go down tap Highest connection speed >> select 2G (it's enough to receive good quality signal to get or make calls)

Keep your phone software updated: Always check for updates from the Software maker (Microsoft) or from hardware vendor (Nokia). Every update will bring in new battery optimization features.

Other simple tips yet effective include:

-      Always charge the battery fully

-      Mute unnecessary sounds (button press sounds)

-      Use wired head phones than the speakerphone

-      Keep screen time-out short (30 seconds or 1 minute)

-      Unless you are in a meeting, avoid using smartphone in vibrating mode as it tends consume more power.