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Will Microsoft end its Lumia range entirely:Microsoft

At a time when there is speculation whether Microsoft would kill its Lumia smartphone range in entirety to make way for the next-gen Surface Phone, a new development seems to add substance to these rumours. Now, Microsoft has announced that it is done with its ShotonmyLumia Instagram account.

Folks at Microsoft have stated that they would be merging the ShotonmyLumia with the main Microsoft Lumia Instagram account. For the uninitiated, ShotonMyLumia makes it easy to share images/pictures/photographs with other Lumia users across the world via Instagram. This account is tailor-made to showcase and promote the cameras within Microsoft Lumia devices and the photos captured through the lenses of these devices. Users also receive images (shot by other users) that are dynamically rated as 'impressive' through personalised feeds.

Now, however, the ShotonmyLumia account will be migrated to the official MicrosoftLumia account and users will still be able to get 'attractive' images captured through Lumia cameras on their feeds.

"This is all to make it easier for you to be part of our international, larger, Microsoft family," state folks at Microsoft, in an official statement.

Will Microsoft bid farewell to Lumia this year?

Latest rumours hint at the impending launch of the Surface Phone from Microsoft that is also currently a subject of heated discussion among loyalists across the world. Some technology tipsters are also stating that Microsoft would not launch any new Lumia-branded smartphone. Here, it is worth noting that the current flagships that Microsoft has under the Lumia series are the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL; both of which received substantial price cuts of late in the UK and US. These reports have led to anxiety among Lumia loyalists.

As far as the Surface Phone itself is concerned, there are reports that this device would feature Lumia functionality such as double tap. Nonetheless, Microsoft is yet to come out with official updates concerning its purported Surface Phone smartphone.