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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Apex TV' has been releasing bizarre claims of time travellers for the past several months, and now, they have released a video which shows a time traveller from 1982 meeting with his future self now living in 2018.

Even though the claims made in the video seem unbelievable, it has already racked up more than 17,000 views on YouTube, and interestingly, most of the viewers who saw the video are apparently convinced about the authenticity of claims made by the time traveller.

Are we living in a time loop?

The alleged time traveller in the video named Alexander Smith claims that he was part of a time travel experiment which was conducted in 1982. According to him, he reached 2018 to meet his future self and makes it clear that both of them are leading the same life.

"Alexander Smith claims to have been part of a top secret experiment in 1982, in which he time traveled and met his future self in 2018. What do you think? Is Alexander Smith a real time traveller who has not only been to the far future, but also to our current year to meet himself," wrote Apex TV in the video description.

Interestingly, the face of the younger man in the video is blurred, and Alexander reveals that it is due to security concerns.

After meeting his younger self from the 1980s, the older man said that human beings are living in a time loop, and there is an infinite number of realities.

"We are living in a loop. There is an infinite number of realities and we are simply going in a loop. It is one of the most remarkable things," said the younger man.

The younger man who claims to have visited 2018 from the past also shockingly revealed that this incredible meeting could alter the world's timeline. He also added that this meeting has been exposed in front of the general public as he wished to tell the truth to everyone.

The time traveller also assured that the meeting of two identical entities will not create a paradox.

The case of widow who saw her head younger husband

A few days ago, Apex TV had also released a video which many consider an irrefutable proof of time travel. In the video, the conspiracy theory channel released the audio recording between a widow and a 911 respondent.

After suspecting a housebreak, the woman called 911 and informed that somebody has broken into her bathroom. Even after repeated warnings from 911 to stay away from the bathroom, the woman entered the bathroom and was shocked to see a young man lying naked there.

The man was lying in the bathroom's surface completely spilled with blood, and upon closer analysis, the widow realized that he was the younger version of her husband.