Portal in sky
Videograb showing a Portal in the sky with a white light moving nearer to it. (Youtube)Youtube

A video apparently shot from Midlothian, near Edinburgh, Scotland is now the hottest debating point among UFO buffs and time travel enthusiasts. The video shows a blue circular light that appears to open up in the night sky. Interestingly, a flying object goes near the alleged interdimensional portal, and soon it gets closed.

The video was originally uploaded on YouTube by a channel named 'Mothernature444'. The uploader revealed that the portal was visible in the skies until sunrise. Later, the clip was shared by conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10'. The video soon went viral, and it has picked up more than 1,70,000 views in just nine hours.

Tyler Glockner, the conspiracy theorist who runs Secureteam10 strongly assured that the light featured in the Scottish skies is, in fact, a portal. The conspiracy theory channel quickly clarified that the lights are not the reflection of any spotlight on the ground either.

"It really looks like something outputting a lot of light. It is definitely not a spotlight on the ground. It appears to be shrinking and shrinking until the sky completely swallows it up," said Glockner in the video.

As the video went viral, viewers soon started putting forward various theories to explain the weird sky phenomenon. Some spectators argued that the portal appeared on the skies could be meant for time travelling. Another section of viewers speculated that aliens might be using these portals to travel huge interstellar distance.

"There is something strange going on that they are trying to hide. Ever notice how most days there are clouds covering the sunset? In the early afternoon, you can see the chemtrail planes at work, come time sunset, covered by clouds. They are hiding something up there and its serious business," commented Brice Lindy, a YouTube user.

However, skeptics argue that these are all normal phenomenon. Scott Cramp, a YouTube user revealed that the light emanating in the sky might be actually from the moon hidden behind the clouds.

"As a drone pilot who shoots constantly in sunrise morning conditions, I can tell you that the "portal" is simply a parting of the thick clouds with light brimming underneath. It's not to different from when you get a sun ray, only in these conditions the sun is low in the horizon. I've captured that many times in my drone videos," commented YouTube user 2nd Earth.