time travel
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Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Apex TV has yet again uploaded a creepy video that shows the confessions of a self-proclaimed time traveler named Noah. In the video, Noah shows a jelly-like substance, and he claims that it is actually millions of microscopic nanobots put together.

The black jelly-like substance appears to be so soft, and it seems not malleable. In the video, Noah argued that this substance is used to heal people and construct things in the future.

However, Noah admitted that he could not show the exact operational method of these microscopic nanobots, due to lack of 6G technology.

"Here is technology from the future. It does not look like anything at first but this liquid-looking substance that looks a little gooey, that is dark, is actually many, tiny robotic molecules all combining together to make a liquid that you can control with 6G internet. I have these in small containers, cause I will show you on a plate real quick, but I have a huge amount over here," said Noah during the chat with Apex TV.

Noah also added that the nanobots filmed in the video look liquid, but it is very dry, and his finger is not getting wet when he is touching it.

"You see it looks like a liquid but nothing happens when you touch it. Look I put my finger in it and I feel absolutely nothing – my finger does not feel wet or anything. It appears to be liquid but it is very dry. Trust me, I'm touching this right and it's a very dry substance," added Noah.

Even though the video uploaded by Apex TV has gone viral on the internet, many viewers argue that this video is fabricated with the help of amateur actors. These viewers also believe that Apex TV has been uploading bizarre time travel videos for the past few months just to rack up hits on YouTube.

"My daughter's make that stuff. We call it slime. Lol," commented Roger Locke, a YouTube user.

"His speech and vocabulary sounds like that of a high school student...How did he get chosen for a time travel program? lmao," commented Dylan Skye, another YouTuber.