Time travel
YouTube: Apex TV

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Apex TV has once again uploaded an eerie video that shows a self-proclaimed time traveler making shocking claims about the future. In the video, the time traveler known by the name Noah who allegedly reached the present from the year 2030 claims that the existence of aliens will be confirmed in 2028. He also added that the technique of time travel will be made public in the same year.

As per Noah, aliens will initially land on the Northern Hemisphere in large numbers, and soon diplomatic talks will take place between these extraterrestrial beings and top world leaders.

Interestingly, Noah's body was connected to a primitive lie detecting machine while he made these claims, and at no point in time, the lie detector machine intervened to say that Noah is speaking lies.

Noah also made it clear that aliens will be impressed with humans' current farming technique. The alleged time traveler added that aliens and humans will co-exist in the planet after making a peace treaty.

This is not the first time that Apex TV is uploading outlandish videos that shows time travelers from the future making shock predictions.

A few weeks back, Noah claimed that India is going to emerge as a superpower in the future by overpowering the dominance of the United States in the space race. He went on arguing that Indian scientists will develop a chip that can be planted on the human body, and this sophisticated device will make their brain more powerful than the normal ones.

Even though Apex TV has failed to provide any evidence to substantiate the claims made by the time traveler, many viewers believe that the channel has direct access to people who have traveled across time.

"I love your channel! The future does freak me out a bit, but it is so interesting!" commented Lily Saber, a YouTube user.

"Awee I love NOAH he really seems Legit... Btw Apextv ask him if time travel would be released around the world or it would be released on a specific countries only," commented Michael V Constancia, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics were quick to dismiss the claims made by Noah, and they argue that Apex TV is creating these videos, that too with the help of amateur actors. These people also urge Apex TV to make predictions about the near future to prove their legitimacy.