Time travel
YouTube: Apex TV

A self-proclaimed time traveler has revealed that dinosaurs will be brought back from extinction in the future. The lady argues that dinosaurs will be revived in the year 4529, and she also makes it clear that the future of the planet will witness a dramatic rise in temperature. To substantiate her time-traveling proof, she even showed a plant which she claimed to have brought from the year 6000.

The woman made these remarks while talking to conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Apex TV'. In the video, the elderly woman named Chloe revealed that she traveled to future way back in 1967. The woman revealed that a team of scientists fixed her arms and legs to a chair, and later placed a metallic tube on her head. Soon, someone from the team of scientists pressed a button, and the woman reached the year 6000.

The self-proclaimed time traveler also narrated the visuals she saw in the year 6000. The time traveler revealed that the future earth will be completely loaded with skyscrapers which are so high. She also added that flying cars were seen ruling the skies, and the lands will be filled with trees and flowers.

However, she added that these plants and trees were made of genetic engineering. She later pulled out a strange plant and added that it is from the future.

As per the time traveler, the drastic rise in temperature will last for more than a thousand years, and finally, things will return to normalcy.

The video uploaded by Apex TV soon went viral, and it has already been seen by more than 20,000 viewers on YouTube. Even though some of them seem convinced about the claim made by the woman in the video, most of the viewers called it a hoax.

According to them, Apex TV is uploading time-travel videos just to monetize them on YouTube, and they make it clear that these videos are made with the help of amateur actors.

A few days back, Apex TV had uploaded another time travel video which showed a young man claiming that artificial-intelligent robots and aliens will start ruling the earth in the future, though these things are vividly seen in fiction already.