time travel
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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel has released an eerie video which features the testimonials of a time traveller. In the video, the time traveller, who claims to be from the year 2082, said that he had had travelled into the past and seen dinosaurs.

The self-proclaimed time traveller argued that he had gone into the past about 60 million years ago, and has come across dinosaurs roaming in their natural habitat.

"The earliest I have gone into the past is about 60million years ago and I actually saw dinosaurs roaming in their natural habitat. I saw T-Rex dinosaurs, Stegosauruses, Triceratops, as well as a lot of other ancient creatures. And we actually discovered a lot of ancient creatures that were thought previously not to exist," said the time traveller.

In the video, the time traveller revealed that T-Rex dinosaurs actually had lots of feathers on the body and made it clear that ancient reptiles were not skinned like modern beings. The time traveller added that T-Rex dinosaurs come in various colours which include purple and green.

The man who had apparently travelled across time even added that he had witnessed various historical events including the Gettysburg address by Abraham Lincoln. He revealed that the government is well aware of time travelling technologies, but is intentionally covering it up for confidential reasons. The time traveller made it clear that he used to visit the past via a parallel universe.

As the video went viral, many viewers strongly seconded it and claimed that time travel is a reality.

"Yes,I do believe Him and it is a very well known fact that scientists are starting to believe t-rex's did have feathers and was much like a giant chicken which is a close relative. Just a lot of things he said Made sense. But he shouldn't be called a time traveller because he is going to different dimensions which is not the Earth and times We live in. So it is not the same at all.," commented Christy Woods, a YouTube user.

However, skeptics argue that all the videos made by Apex TV are fabricated with the help of amateur actors.