Apex TV, the conspiracy theory YouTube channel has once again uploaded a time travel video, and this time, the man who claims to have travelled across time revealed that he is a former KGB agent. In the eerie video, the man shares his experiences while working as an engineer with the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

In the video, the self-proclaimed time traveller reveals that the Soviet Union had developed time travelling technology long ago and that he was one among the persons whom they tested the technology on. The man who is known by the name Wojnach Djokovic revealed that he fell asleep while in a time travelling machine and finally woke up in the year 4000.

Wojnach Djokovic argues that he met aliens in the future and the extraterrestrial beings were apparently testing a way in which the earth can be transformed into a heaven. The time traveller revealed aliens as white creatures with big white eyes. He added that these extraterrestrial creatures were five to six feet tall.

Djokovic continued his sensational claims and revealed that aliens have informed him about their origin.

"We decided to move to the Earth planet in the year 3100. Our galaxy is great but we came here with an extremely important mission. We want to create a colony of the most intelligent people with super strong powers and abilities," said the alien to Djokovic.

As the aliens reached earth, there were mighty wars fought between humans and extraterrestrials, as earthly beings were not willing to accept their cosmic neighbors. After the war, aliens sent most of the humans to a different planet, as they want to create a unique planet which is very similar to a paradise. Djokovic revealed that aliens did not try to destroy birds, animals or buildings in our planet.

Even though the video went viral on online spaces, most of the viewers seem convinced regarding the authenticity of the video. "You should get all the time travelers together and see if their "futures actually connect," commented Ami Owens, a YouTube user.

However, a section of skeptics argues that the videos uploaded by Apex TV are fabricated and shot with the help of amateur actors.