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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel Apex TV has uploaded another time traveller video, and this time, the alleged man who travels across time known as Noah claims that legendary rapper Tupac Shakur had actually faked his death and is still alive.

During a live session with viewers, Noah revealed that the rapper was not assassinated, but instead, he faked his own death because he refused to join a secret society very similar to that of the Illuminati.

During the session, Noah argued that Illuminati does not exist in this world, but there is another secret society where many elites are members. As per Noah, a different version of Illuminati is there in the government, and their symbol is an owl.

"I have had an experience with the Illuminati, although it doesn't exist, there is something very similar. It isn't called the Illuminati and it doesn't have a symbol with the eye. But what we do have is a different version of the Illuminati in the government, the actual symbol is an owl. When I was in the future I was able to figure out that Tupac isn't dead but he was in a critical state for about a year after his death," revealed Noah during the live interaction.

Tupac died at the age of 25 after he was shot coming out of Mike Tyson boxing match. The cremation was done on the very next day, and many people believe that some of his ashes were mixed and smoked with marijuana by Outlawz, his hip-hop team.

In the video, Noah reveals that all the stories about Tupac were fabricated. The time traveller even makes it clear that he received this information after talking with some people affiliated with Tupac.

"People affiliated with Tupac told me this. And the reason why this happened is because his friends that were rapping were involved with the Illuminati. They got him involved in the Illuminati, or secret society, they tried getting Tupac in there but he refused," added Noah.

This is not the first time that Noah, the self-proclaimed time traveller is making outlandish claims about noted celebrities. A few months ago, he revealed that Yolanda Renee King, the granddaughter of Martin Luther King will be the president of the United States in 2030.