time traveler
YouTube: Apex TV

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Apex TV' has uploaded an eerie video recently, and it shows a self-proclaimed time traveler named Noah making predictions about India's future. Noah who claimed to have visited the present from 2030 argues that India is going to emerge as a superpower in the future by overpowering the dominance of the United States in the space race.

In the recent video, time traveler Noah also revealed that the technology of time travel will be made public in the year 2029.

As per Noah, India is now on a path of revival, and the country will develop better technology than the United States in the future. The alleged time traveler also added that this technological advancement of the nation could bring about drastic changes in the world.

"In the year 2029 people in India come out with a chip that is able to be planted in the body. This chip makes your brain on average six times more powerful than it normally is. Now as I said before, I already a have a chip on my wrist that lets me time travel, but I do not have a brain chip. I met people who have it and it is like talking to God," said Noah in the video.

The time traveler also made it clear that people with these planted chips will be much more intelligent than normal humans, as these devices connect the brain directly to the internet.

Unlike most of the Apex TV videos that used to rack up negative criticisms from the viewers, this clip is now receiving positive responses from spectators. Most of the viewers who watched the video argue that the time traveler is talking about the future without any doubts, and it clearly indicates that he is exposing the truth.

"Hello, apex Tv... Thanks for showing me India's future. I am a proud Indian and I was thinking to shift to the US. But now hell no !!! I am eagerly waiting for 2030. I will contribute whatever I can in the well being of my country," commented Franklin Elango, a YouTube user.

However, skeptics claim that these time travel videos uploaded by Apex TV are all fake, and most of the clips are being shot with the help of amateur actors. Moreover, it coincided with the unveiling of the tallest statue in the world by India, probably aimed at renewed interest in India. 

The new revelation from Noah came just a few days after another woman who claims to have time traveled showed a plant brought back to the present from the year 6,000. Interestingly, this clip was also uploaded by Apex TV.