US President Donald Trump has glorified the Time magazine's cover page many times and has flaunted the same all the time. But the latest one may not excite him that much. The president has glorified the cover page of the magazine once again but this time not alone.

While the child separation issue appeared to get lighter with the US President signing the executive order abandoning the policy, the magazine reminded the globe of the trauma 2,300 children went through at the US-Mexico border. In the cover photo, a sobbing 2-year-old child accompanies Trump, who is looking down at the former next to the "Welcome to America."

The photograph appears to convey the strongest message of the rude action taken by the Trump administration in the name of its "zero tolerance" policy. The photograph has been captured by Getty photographer John Moore this week at the US-Mexico border. The click shows the distress of the girl while the officials search for her mother only to detain her.


Though the president already signed the order to put a halt on the child separation policy, there is no relief for those young ones who have already been separated from their parents and guardians.  While talking to The Guardian, Moore shared how dismaying it was for him to capture these pictures at the border. "As a photojournalist covering this story for years, and as the father of three children including a toddler, it was personally hard for me to photograph," he said.

The Honduran girl's photo, of course, has become an iconic image but the toddler's father has come up with a contradictory statement after finding her with Trump on Time magazine.

The child's father, Denis Valera, claimed that his daughter was not left alone but was allowed to accompany her mother, Sandra Sanchez. He said that both of them were detained at McAllen town in Texas border, where the mother applied for an asylum.

"My daughter has become a symbol of the ... separation of children at the US border. She may have even touched President Trump's heart," Valera said during a telephonic interview.

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