Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff
Hrithik Roshan, Tiger ShroffInstagram

You feel content with your life when your good fortune walks your dreams to reality. And that feeling took over Tiger Shroff's heart and soul the moment he got a chance to work with his idol Hrithik Roshan who has inspired him in many different ways while growing up. And his success has come not just because of his luck but because of his unmatched talent, dedication and sheer hard work.

Right from his debut Heropanti, Tiger has never failed to entertain the audience with his impeccable dancing skills and gravity defying action sequences which never gets repetitive. And even with War, he has brought something new to his character and things that you might have never seen him doing it before.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, Tiger spoke at length about his admiration and learning experience with his mentor and idol Hrithik Roshan in his upcoming film War, his fear of failing at new things and how his dad Jackie Shroff acted as a repellent to bullies in school.

It must a surreal and learning experience for you to share screen with your idol. What was reaction when you got know that you would be pitted against Hrithik Roshan in War.

Like you said, it was an absolute pleasure and surreal experience. I couldn't have asked for more. For me, I have already won the war because I got a chance to work with Hrithik Roshan.

Were you at any point of time felt intimated by Hrithik's presence.

Everytime, everyday. There wasn't a single day when I wasn't intimidated but that intimidation helped me push myself to do the best. And I was so inspired working with him every single day about he approaches every single scene, action sequences, every single step in the songs.

What did you learn from him specifically.

Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan
Tiger Shroff, Hrithik RoshanInstagram

Many many lessons about on-screen and off-screen. The one thing that I learned from him was how to make something my own. He didn't teach me this directly but by watching him, for example, let me talk about the song (Jai Jai Shiv Shankar). There's a step in the song there was this very complex hook step where you had to move your legs and upper body very rapidly at the same time. So watching him I realised how he (Hrithik) made that step his own. I was trying to do it very technically. As the choreographers did it, I did it. But when Hrithik Roshan did it, he made it a Hrithik Roshan step, he made it his own. So he gave his interpretation of it. And that's what I learned from him is how to make things your own and how to make it your characters. So just by watching him I learned so much.

We all love watching you dance, pull off those daredevil stunts and this is something that you excel in. But is there any fear of failure when you want to move out of your comfort zone.

Yeah, absolutely there's a fear of failing at new things. My director (Siddharth Anand), for example, in the start, he was like, 'Tiger! this role is something that you have never done before and I don't know if you would be able to pull it off so early in your career because there are lots of layers to him. So are you up for the challenge because Adi (Chopra) sir and me (director) and Hrithik only see me opposite Hrithik. We want you to do this role.' So when I was offered the role, I was very apprehensive. I doubted myself and I thought I couldn't do this and moreover you have such a big star in front of me who is so established. So that was my challenge really and getting into the skin of the character. So I really bothered my director. We had so many workshops and readings. Luckily, my co-star Hrithik sir is such a fantastic actor and director. So every time I used to ask him for help, he used to gladly help and direct me for difficult scenes.

Like what kind of instructions?

He used to tell me how to take my lines, what emotion to give where and all of that. He's so experienced that when he does a scene, he's not just only concerned about himself, he's concerned about the whole scene in totality. He's concerned about the background, the lightings, he's got a director's mind.

Sajid Nadiadwala had recently said that it was unfortunate that your films haven't worked that well outside his banner. Have you ever tried to retrospect your film choices. 

Tiger Shroff
Tiger ShroffInstagram

I don't know actually. I am just lucky and blessed that my films with have worked because he's my mentor, my guide and he gives his all for me and I give my all for him. But that doesn't mean I don't give my all or the directors and producers outside banners. I think sometimes it's just luck and everybody's fate in the end.

You are one of the few stars among the younger lot who has carved his own path to stardom. Does your popularity limit you as a person for things that you want to do in your life.

It's a blessing that people have accepted me so early in my career in a certain way and light. I am very blessed with this identity and the acceptance that they have given me. It's a part and parcel of the job and I love the attention and all the love that comes my way.

Recently Karan deol had spoken about how he was bullied in school by other kids and teachers for being a son of a Bollywood superstar. Have you ever been subjected to bullying. 

You know, I got lucky actually. I think because the teachers and all liked my dad (Jackie Shroff) quite a bit. So I used to get, not special treatment, but I used to get looked differently because I was not very good at studies. But I was descent and well-mannered kid in my class atleast. So the teachers used to always let me off the hook a little lighter and punish me as much. I think it was because of my dad.