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Senior actor Akkineni Nagarjuna, who is all set to host Bigg Boss Telugu 3, had once lambasted the concept of Star Maa's hit reality TV show and described it as voyeuristic, which is wrong.

Nagarjuna was promoting the movie Devadas back in September 2018, when he was asked about his views on Bigg Boss Telugu. But the actor declined to speak about it during an interview with a leading TV channel. When asked about it, he laughingly said, "I don't like to speak about Bigg Boss, because I will talk bad about it."

The interviewer further questioned him whether he did not like to be an anchor or a contestant. He replied, "No! I am not talking about Nani. But I don't like the concept of the show Bigg Boss. I don't like a voyeuristic show, where you are watching what another person is doing. I don't like these things. It is almost like gossiping."

But Nagarjuna has taken a U-Turn in less than a year after he made this statement. The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 approached him after many celebs including Junior NTR and Nani declined to host the new season of the show. The actor, who earlier hosted Star Maa's Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, has accepted their offer to host the show. Now, he is forced to watch every episode of the show without fail.

Soon after the news about Nagarjuna accepting the offer of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, the video bits of his interview started doing rounds on the social media. Many viewers mocked him saying that Karma is a bitch and he kept his ethics aside when he was offered big bucks to host the show. Scroll down to see their comments and the clip of his interview.

Kalyana Mekala‏ @kalyanmekala

@iamnagarjuna how cheap one can become. You fall in your own eyes

Manu❤️pspk‏ @manojkumark1994

Hahahahaaa I Lv nag ... Dabbu kosam emina chese nag character

kissmiss‏ @kissmisseg

Ha ha karma is a bitch Anni yrs exp undi kuda Ana anatam endhuku malli huge offer isthe yegesukuni cheyyatam endhuku edho pilla hook hero's annaru ante avesham anukovachu what yah what is this nag

Prasad Allathur R‏ @PrasadRamam

Sir You Are Absolutely Right Really Watching That Program Is Like Doing Something CHEAP

Thirupathi J‏ @ThirupathiJ10

Tag chesi tweet chese guts leni adangi yedava #BB3 concept ki, contest cheyatanki..Hosting ki link entra howle? @iamnagarjuna is so professional and he knows what to do n what to prefer.. @THEPANIPURI nuvventhaa nee bathukentha #Nagarjuna ni comment cheytataniki Karma is.?? Wait