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The NBC has postponed the final two episodes of Season 1 of This Is Us by one week due to a scheduled primetime address by US President Donald Trump.

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Trump will make his first speech before the joint session of Congress on February 28, and this has forced other networks like ABC, CBS and FOX to shuffle their schedules as well.
The season finale of This Is Us titled Trial & Error will now be aired on March 14. The penultimate episode of the drama that was supposed to be aired on February 28 has now been pushed to the following Tuesday, March 7.

This is Us' actress Mandy Moore recently revealed that her parents aren't too happy with her character telling her husband about her band's tour plans shortly after he planned a romantic night for her.

Moore also shared a screenshot of the message her mother sent her. Her mom's text says: "Great Show Mimi!! Pretty heavy!! Wow! Xoxoxo. Although Rebecca has issues doesn't she? Hopefully she is made to better in future episodes…right now Jack is the super hero."

Her dad's message was along similar lines. "You are so mean after Jack was so sweet and romantic, you tell him about the tour…your timing was awful." However, he too added that the episode was great.

The actress laughed off their comments, writing: "Mom and dad know how to keep it real. Thanks guys?"

This Is Us, which was just renewed for two more seasons, is aired on in the US Tuesdays on NBC while the viewers in UK can catch it live on Channel 4, also on the Tuesdays. In India, the family drama is aired on Saturdays on Star World Premiere HD.