As India enters the festive season, Apple is doing its bit to engage its customers in a fun way. If you ever wondered how people make such beautiful artworks on their iPads, your questions will be answered at the upcoming "Today at Apple" session on Wednesday, which will be hosted by noted artist Keerat Kaur.

Apple's "Creative Pros" hold educational sessions all over the world and the latest one is themed around Diwali. The virtual session titled "Draw a treasured memory with Keerat Kaur" is to be held on Wednesday, October 5, from 8 p.m. till 9:30 p.m. Ahead of the interactive session with the Canadian-born artist, International Business Times spoke to Keerat to discuss myriad of topics, which will be helpful for budding artists.

The Diwali-themed "Today at Apple" session will prove helpful for many as it will be more than creating art. "I want attendees to walk away inspired, not necessarily to create art, but to evolve and find delight in whichever field that they are situated in," Keerat said.

Interviewing Keerat Kaur ahead of Today at Apple session
Interviewing Keerat Kaur ahead of Today at Apple sessionPic credits: Keerat Kaur (via Apple)

Speaking about what the "Today at Apple" session is going to be about, it will have "bits about my journey and practice as a creative entrepreneuse, and I will walk attendees through an exercise that will allow them to commemorate their own memories by visualising them using a unique method."

During the session, there will be Q&A with the Apple "Creative Pro" Keerat, who has used Apple products for her digital work.

"My two favourite digital tools are Procreate app and the Apple Pencil with iPad Pro. Both of those elements create a space that feels closest to traditional forms of making. It is a great combination of digital tools for those who are transition from working traditionally. When I first started using these tools, I was able to take advantage of the manual dexterity that I had already developed, and Procreate app is just an overall user-friendly interface filled with endless brush nibs and textures that feel expansive," Keerat told us.

The theme of Today at Apple session is "draw a treasured memory," which may seem like quite the challenge for many. But Keerat is going to help you in the process and she even shared how drawing as a young girl is her most treasured memory.

"I feel that those moments of free-flow thinking and creating without pressures from the outside world were the purest experiences that I have ever had. The feelings of magic that surrounds these memories makes for very animated and symbol-filled visuals," Keerat said.

Digital art creation is a booming space and many artists have tried their hands on a tablet. Keerat, too, is one of the noted artists to have made some thought-provoking artworks on iPad using the Procreate app. She says social media and technology compliment art and could be used by artists to reach a wider audience.

Interviewing Keerat Kaur ahead of Today at Apple session
Interviewing Keerat Kaur ahead of Today at Apple sessionPic credits: Keerat Kaur (via Apple)

"Social media have allowed creatives to showcase their work and foster a community of like-minded individuals all across the globe. This has also allowed me to connect with Artists and work that I would not have connected with otherwise. Art and design will always be relevant, even in a world that is increasingly saturated with tech. Form and function go hand in hand, and I look forward to seeing the different ways in which I'll be able to expand my practice and contribute to the world in the years to come," Keerat told IBTimes.

Keerat's advice for budding artists

  1. Follow your curiosities. It's not important to know your passion right away, but we're always curious about something. Trying out different things is usually how we find our fit.
  2. Believe in what is in your heart before you believe the hundreds of opinions of others. If you have a desire that is constantly gushing, it is there for a reason. Understand it as well as you can.
  3. Keeping in mind, take constructive criticism seriously. This helps strengthen future partnerships and makes your work the best it can be.
  4. Don't get overwhelmed by looking at the successes and accolades of your seniors or peers. Instead, gain inspiration and insights from them. Strategy, patience, and rigour are the magic ingredients to making almost anything possible. Whatever is in your heart will manifest.
  5. Know that you have considerable power and control over how you feel. Don't believe every negative thought that pops into your mind. regularly meditate on the things you're thankful for: your family, friends, career opportunities, geography. Being in a healthy space mentally is the best thing you can do for yourself, no matter what you're doing in life.
  6. If you're creating in the digital realm, take inspiration from everywhere. I would still encourage artists to experiment with as many mediums as they can. Working in one always influences and polishes the other; it opens up brain pathways that would have otherwise remained dormant.