Rani Mukerji was at her candid best on Koffee with Karan. Joined by her cousin and fellow actress, Kajol; Rani also went to win the coffee hamper this season. The Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway actress spoke about how the paparazzi doesn't take Adira or Aditya Chopra's pictures ever. She revealed that Aditya Chopra is generally so casual looking, without any guards that paps fail to recognise him at the airport.

Rani Mukerji in Koi Mil Gaya song
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Rani Mukerji also hinted at her and Adira making an exit at the airport before her and thus the two get all the attention, while Adi silently enters. When Karan Johar asked her how was it that they had never seen a picture of Adira, Rani said that the paps get scared of her. "I tell them. Don't take baby's picture. They look at my eyes and they get scared," she said.

Rani Mukerji, Kajol
Rani Mukerji, KajolInstagram

Rani went on to add, "Right from the time Adira was born, I think. And I have to thank all the paparazzi and media people. They really love me because they kind of respected that. And they know how Adi is and it was our decision together that we didn't want Adira to be photographed because we have a different idea of how we want to raise Adira. So that she doesn't feel privileged or special in school. And that would happen only if she would not be photographed."

rani and Aditya

Rani also spoke about how Aditya Chopra is a homebody and doesn't like socialising. She added that these were the things she married him for as she too doesn't like much of socialising.