'Tevar' trailer goes viral
'Tevar' posterFacebook/ Tevar

The first big-budget movie of 2015, "Tevar", has received mixed responses from film critics, as well as Bollywood celebrities.

The action romantic thriller features Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpai and Raj Babbar in pivotal roles. Directed by Amit Sharma, the film is produced by Sanjay Kapoor and Boney Kapoor.

The film is an official remake of Telugu film "Okkadu" starring Mahesh Babu. The Telugu version, released in 2003, was a blockbuster hit. But it remains to be seen whether "Tevar" will have the same fate at the box office or not. 

Bollywood celebrities have given a thumbs up to the film, while critics have given mixed reviews. While some critics have called it a paisa vasool and a complete entertainer, several others have said that it's just a one-time watch.

Read the reviews below:

Varun Dhawan: #tevar is here guys @sonakshisinha and @arjunk26 chemistry is electrifying.Intense actionBeautifully shot and directed.book ur tickets!!!

Karan Johar: #tevar is a super paisa vasool action love story with incredible chemistry between @arjunK26 and @sonakshisinha... it's a box office winner!

Taran Adarsh: Watched #Tevar last night. A wholesome entertainer with power-packed drama, high-octane action and heartfelt romance.

Shilpa Jamkhandikar of Reuters said: "Apart from its one-line plot, Tevar doesn't offer much in terms of story. Sharma's treatment of a much-flogged genre and subject are no different than many others before him. Instead of choosing to be economical about his narrative, Sharma adds too many distractions, and thus dilutes the limited effectiveness of this genre."

Meena Iyer of The Times of India said: "Amit makes a smooth progression from 30-second commercials to a 159-minute-long film. His penchant for colours, the right use of the Taj Mahal (as a monument of love), his finesse in presenting the real locations indicate his adroitness in filmmaking."

Lokesh Dharmani of Masala.com said: ""Tevar, ironically, lacks attitude and spunk. Watch it only for Manoj Bajpayee."

Manjusha Radhakrishnan of Gulf News said: "This song-dance-action formula that dominates Tevar has been regurgitated at least a few dozen times in Bollywood films, and therefore it's difficult to savour here. Enter at your own risk."