It has been almost two years since Game of Thrones aired on-screen and created history in later years. April 17, 2021, will mark the tenth anniversary of the epic fantasy show and HBO has decided to celebrate the moment in style. There will be an Iron Anniversary with a month's worth of events to revisit the series. There will be money raised for charity as well.  

HBO Max has launched a new Game of Thrones Spotlight page that will highlight the fan favourite episodes, behind the scene documentaries, and various other recommendations that will come out from HBO Max. Each house of Game of Thrones will have its own section. A report on Variety stated that fans of House Stark will find their favourite destination at His Dark Materials, and fans of House Lannister would find their favourite content in Succession. 

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke
Kit Harington and Emilia ClarkeInstagram

The report further stated that on April 10 Game of Thrones will launch a Mara Throne that will air all episodes of season 1 and continue till the last episode. The series Marathon is expected to begin at 10 am. 

About Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones had been one of the spectacular series which lost its charm in the last season. Game of Thrones is a fictional tale about Royal families from East, West, North, South who look forward to conquering the Iron Throne. There are unexpected deaths of lead characters which arrive as a complete twist to an expected ending that most viewers develop in their minds. Game of Thrones had been one of the most-watched television series for the longest time with a high number of Emmy Awards.

In India, Game of Thrones had gained a new kind of game when various news outlets, juxtaposed characters from the show with contemporary Indian politicians to explain to the American audience how India's electoral system operates.