Lakshmi Manchu with Narendra Modi
Lakshmi Manchu with Narendra Modi

Telugu actress Lakshmi Manchu is facing backlash on social media after she condemned the police action against the students of Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi and requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end the riots.

Lakshmi Manchu, who is known for voicing her opinions on current affairs, took her Twitter page today to condemn the Delhi police's act on Sunday. The Telugu actress tweeted, India is burning right now and this is not how we see our beautiful country. I condemn the Police brutality against the young citizens. I hope for Modi ji to make sure these riots to come to an end. #JamiaProtests."

Lakshmi Manchu tweeted a photo with a statement that reads, "Every bill that comes out has been thought of thoroughly for the betterment of 1.3 billion people. However, just because the parliament passes something doesn't mean it's the common will of the people. And that is why we are the biggest democracy. India is burning right now and this is not how we see our beautiful country. I have a lot of faith in Modi ji to make sure that these riots come to an end; that he will do what is right by the people. But I condemn these riots and police brutality. It should stop immediately. I believe in the constitution."

Lakshmi Manchu
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Many people were upset with Lakshmi Manchu condemning the Delhi Police. In reply, some of them said that the actress' reaction was based on fake news and she is not aware of the fact that the police acted after the Jamia students started pelting stones, vandalising and damaging public property.

Here are some replies to Lakshmi Manchu's tweets on anti-CAA protest:

Venkat reddy @ysr5000

First know some truth and tweet dont just follow bollywood heroines tweets and simply cut and paste and tell us what is wrong in CAA u better go through news madam And can't u see how student and liberal s are protesting so peaceful way by pelting stones, and what u expect police to be done when protesters are vandalising and damaging public property Jamia milia university students are studying on religious reservations and fighting for secularism dont u think some where it has to be changed by some one it's the situation is like now or never I support #CAA and #NRC BHARAT MATA KI JAI

Uday @focusonprocess

Police took action against arsonists and stone peters. Your reaction is based on fake news not on facts. Media interview with some youth gathered in protest reveals the fact that some group creating panic among Muslims.

TL Kumar @KumarTL

Stop it! They r not young citizens but islamic extremists who pelted stones on police n burnt buses filled wit public! Its high time police put a cerfew n issue shoot at sight orders to ppl who are a threat to our national integrity n security.. This is the time to support modi

Prithviraj Bhat @iampriths

Didn't expect such comment from u mam. Wish u had worked towards the real news and then comment.

Rudra Raju @india_rudra

Meku police security ivvatam manestey appudu telustundhi.First police, public medha attack chesindhi peace ful community students. Charge cheyaka sanmanam chesthara???

saichandrakanth @SAICHANDRA9999

Protect #CAA_NRC not jamiaprotest

Rudra Raju @india_rudra

Me father Tirupathi college lo students bus lu tagalabetti, teachers ni bayata vunna prajalani koditey. Students ki exams manesi degree istha remo.