Popular Tamil actor Vishal heaped praises upon Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut for her fight against Shiva Sena-led government in Maharashtra. He went on to compare her with Bhagat Singh.

After she got in to verbal war with Shiva Sena, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials raided Kangana Ranaut's office in Mumbai on Monday. They even demolished a few portions of the building on Wednesday after serving her a notice to reply in 24 hours. The Bollywood actress hit back the government, terming its revenge act as the death of democracy.

Tamil actor Vishal and his statement on Kangana Ranaut
Tamil actor Vishal and his statement on Kangana RanautTwitter

The demolition of Kangana Ranaut's office has upset many people including several celebs from the Hindi film industry, who condemned the government for its revenge act. But hardly any celeb down south expressed their views on this incident. Vishal surprised everyone, by praising her. The Tamil actor even compared her fight to what freedom fighter Bhagat Singh did in 1920s.

A day after demolition of Kangana Ranaut's office, Vishal took to Twitter to share a note, which reads, "Dear Kangana, Hats off to your Guts, you have never thought twice to voice out what is right & what is wrong. It wasn't your personal issue, but even then facing the wrath of the Government, you stayed strong which makes it a very big example. It's something Similar to what Bhagat Singh did in 1920s."

Vishal also said that Kangana Ranaut's fight will inspire others to raise voice against governments. The Tamil actor added, "This will set an example for people to speak against the Govt when something is not right and not necessarily being a Celebrity but also as a common Man. Freedom of Speech (Article 19) Kudos to you, I Bow to you...."

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana RanautSocial media

Vishal is one of the most popular action heroes down south and he has always fought for what is right. He was elected as the General Secretary of the Nadigar Sangam in October 2015 after initiating a movement against the previous committee. He won the election and got elected as President of Tamil Film Producers Council in April 2017. But not many are impressed with him supporting Kangana Ranaut.

Here is how people reacted to Vishal's post on Kangana Ranaut:

ராஜா @cooldoodee

What guts you are talking about Vishal ??? She is doing all the drama with the backing from BJP. Are you supporting her for constructing the building with violations.??? Who knows.. may be your building also will be like that.

Suresh @Urstrulysuresh3

If u can't find a central govt backing to her, then trust me u r living in a fools paradise.. she is hypocrite.. BJP using her to unsettle the govt. If she has that much of guts ask her to question central govt..

தமிழ்க்குடிமகன் @Nagarajanshri

Pls lift the ban for shooting completely if it exists and engage these sort of pseudo liberal supporters. Vishal I will take the unbearable pain of watching your movie rather than your posts like this.

#IStandWithZubair @QuilonSquare

Bro, Still I don't understand why he is comparing her with Bhagat Singh. Whatever she is doing her own personal benefits.

Waseem Ahmed @Waseem_BLR

Bhagat was an atheist & a leftist who truly cared for the people of this country & gave his life. He didn't do things he did for political gains. He is everything Kangana is NOT. Put some respect on his name. Inquilab Zindabad!