Dia Mirza, Renuka Shahane, Nikhil Dwivedi and a few other Bollywood celebs say that they don't agree with Kangana Ranaut's recent statements, but condemn the act of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

Days after Kangana Ranaut ranted against the Maharashtra government and the Mumbai Police, the BMC officials raided her Manikarnika films' office in the city on Monday. After serving the notice to reply in 24 hours, they resorted to demolishing certain parts of the building, which were allegedly built without the BMC permission, according to the officials.

Kangana Ranaut, Dia Mirza and Renuka Shahane
Kangana Ranaut, Dia Mirza and Renuka ShahaneSocial media

This revenge act of Shiva Sena received a lot of flakes on social media with many condemning the demolition. Its own alliance partners - National Congress Party (NCP) and Indian National Congress (INC) leaders condemning the demolition of the Kangana Ranaut office. Amidst this, the Bombay high court stalled the demolition work by the BMC officials.

Many people were curiously waiting to see the celebs' response from Bollywood, which has been split between the left and right wings. While many celebs belonging right-wing slammed the BMC, a few people from the left-wing broke their silence and said that they may not agree with Kangana Ranaut's views, but they condemn the BMC's revenge act of demolishing her office.

Here are some Bollywood celebs' reactions on the BMC demolishing her office:

Dia Mirza: Kangana comparing Mumbai to POK is not acceptable. But there is absolutely no doubt that @mybmc moving to suddenly conduct a demolition of areas of her office space is totally questionable. Why now? Why like this? What were you doing all this while if there were irregularities? I don't agree with many of the things Kangana has said in the last few months. The name calling, the vicious personal attacks on individuals, the vilification of people. At the same time i am not okay with her being subjected to personal attacks. Condemn the demolition of Kangana's office. Condemn the harassment and abuse against Rhea. This is not about taking sides. This is about calling out what is unjust. Remember this could happen to you.

Kangana Ranaut mumbai office

Renuka Shahane: Though I did not like @KanganaTeam 's comment comparing Mumbai to POK I am appalled by the revenge demolition carried out by @mybmc You do not have to stoop so low. @CMOMaharashtra please intervene. There is a pandemic we are dealing with. Do we need this unnecessary drama?

Nikhil Dwivedi: There r 2 sides now. Both claim high moral ground but either don't speak whn wrong is commited on another. We shud ve spoken whn #AamirKhan was being unduly targeted. As we shud speak now in ths particular case of urs!! Sadly we r as divided on either side as the entire nation is. I don't support #KanganaRanaut's often exaggerated & at times even factually incorrect allegations against the movie industry. I am SUPPORTING her on today's happenings. What's being done is WRONG.

Shilpi Sharma: What guts .. Kangana .. She is self made .. coming from a small place..it's her hard earned money..and it's really shameful to demolish a female 's house suddenly with a notice..this is mental harassment and provoking a woman to commit suicide..#KanganaRanaut #hardearnedmoney

Kangana Ranaut mumbai office

Dr David Frawley: Kangana Ranaut as a single woman is boldly challenging the entrenched intolerant patriarchy and mafia that is putting Mumbai under the shadow of fear. #DeathOfDemocracy #KanganaRanaut

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri: This is the NAUGHTIEST Govt in the history of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's, Babasheb Ambedkar and Balasaheb's great Maharashtra. True or false?

Sonal Chauhan: Breaking somebody's dream, is NOT what I will ever support. I do not support @KanganaTeam 's office being demolished. What's wrong is wrong!!!

Rashami Desai: Level 1: From Power to politics to drugs. The fight for Justice surely has turned too ugly to witness. Well! This "drama" is next level, totally lacking discipline and rules. And there is more to come. #shame #DeathOfDemocracy