ET Data Base

Scott C Waring, who is one of the most prominent figures in the alien research community, recently shared a mysterious photo that shows three UFOs hovering in the skies. The self-proclaimed researcher claimed that he clicked the picture during his UK vacation trip.

"Saw three grey triangle UFOs over Wittering, UK about five min ago from my bus. Could only get a single shot and the disappeared. Far left of the photo. I only saw it for about 15 seconds and reached over my wife trying to take a photo but the bus was a bit bouncy and had trouble getting more shots. It's really far away but huge," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

The image shared by Waring has now gone viral on social media platforms. It also made many people believe that alien life is a reality. Some conspiracy theorists even went ahead and argued that extraterrestrials from deep space are now gearing up for an invasion.

Waring, who operates from Taiwan has released many UFO videos in the past. He has also spotted several anomalies on NASA images from Mars and the moon. Waring is now on a brief vacation trip in the UK, and it seems alien UFOs are following him there too.

The new UFO sighting comes just a few days after a rectangular flying object was spotted in Hawaii. The image of this incident was shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFO Mania'. The image showed a rectangular UFO with a seemingly metallic body hovering in the skies, and it also had lights emanating from its surface.

Scott C Waring also analyzed the image taken from Hawaii, and he outlandishly confirmed that the rectangular object is an alien spaceship from deep space.