Rectangular UFO
YouTube: UFO Mania

A mysterious video uploaded on YouTube by popular conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Mania' is now the hottest debating point among alien enthusiasts. Originally shot by a car driver from Hawaii, the rectangular UFO appeared in one among the many random clicks taken by the witness. Upon closer analysis, we can also see lights in the seemingly metallic body of the UFO.

"The object was in only one frame, nothing before or after. unknown altitude but as you can see it was above the cloud line," said the man who captured the video.

After watching the video, viewers of UFO Mania also shared their thoughts to explain this bizarre sighting.

"Awesome picture!! By the dimension's I would say it was alien!! Doesn't look like it would be practical for humans by the size of it," commented Curtis Hill, a YouTube user.

"My guess is it either cloaked out or performed a dimensional jump. These crafts are being seen more often now, it's like they're not worried about hiding, I believe something major may happen soon," commented John Nightshade, another YouTuber.

As the video became viral on the internet, Scott C Waring, a popular alien hunter operating from Taiwan analyzed the clip and assured that the UFO could most probably be an extraterrestrial spaceship from the deep space.

"This object looks similar to some other UFOs that have been reported in the past. The large flat square UFO with two shiny ends. The UFO is tilted which means it was moving when it was caught in the photo. The grey metallic glint coming off of it shows us it is a metal object. With Hawaii surrounded by water its obvious that this UFO came from an underwater base not far away. This makes me wonder, are aliens the cause of the volcanic activity on the islands?" wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

A few days back, another conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavixxx' had uploaded another strange video that shows a UFO speeding across the skies in breathtaking speed. The clip was shot from the skies of Orange County, California, and the shape of this flying object seems very familiar to the alien vessels we have seen in Hollywood movies like 'Independence Day' and 'Mars Attack'.