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Swara Bhasker's masturbation scene in Veere Di Wedding has irked a lot of people on social media and got heavily trolled. Many users objected to the self-stimulating scene and questioned the actress about how showing a girl gratifying herself in a film was related to women empowerment. While many were waiting for the Raanjhanaa actress to speak, she did when a user asked her the pertinent question on Twitter a couple of days ago.

In the particular scene, Swara Bhasker's character named Sakshi can be seen pleasuring herself by using a vibrator till she reaches orgasm, which she refers as 'charam sukh' in VDW. Some people, especially the womenfolk, went on to say that it looked more like a horror scene to them than erotic.

While Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor's Veere Di Wedding boasts of feminism and women empowerment, an irked Twitter user asked Swara how masturbating was related to empowerment.

"Just one question, how masturbating related to empowerment? Who is stopping them from masturbating but in public? I think empowerment doesn't mean that you should masturbate in public. It's private," the user tweeted.

To which, Swara replied, "1. Sakshi was in her PRIVATE bedroom.. not public.
2. Masturbation is abt owning ur body, sexuality. Empowering.
3. In a culture that largely silences or ignores or shames female sexuality showing a girl gratifying herself in a film in a non judgemental way is empowering."

And to which the user shot back at Swara and replied to her every point she made. He said, "Sakshi was not just in her PRIVATE bedroom. She is in a movie which will be watched by millions. Don't call it PRIVATE.


3. Why every1 has to connect all stuff with women empowerment? Our culture has never silenced sexuality, be it of male or female."

Even Swara's explanation didn't manage to convince a large section of the audience who further raised argued and asked the actress whether they should start expecting men masturbating in upcoming films.

"I do not remember to have seen any film where guys are masturbating. They do it more frequently than girls so in upcoming movies, shall we start expecting such scenes as well? Cuz their sexuality is already defined n widely accepted (not shunned)," an irked user responded to Swara's logic behind the masturbation scene.

"After path breaking another metaphor for masturbating is empowering.... Good Lord!!" another user wrote while the other said, "you were in that bedroom with several cameras rolling to capture ur "self gratifying" acts n show it to the world- is "women empowering". so without doing this women wont be empowered at all? BTW my mom used to say studies, knowledge n jobs makes a woman empowered, not nudity."

Another user agreed to Swara's each and every point but asked her to explain the reason why Sakshi's husband asks for a divorce with an anomaly in the film. "I agree to every point mentioned. I stand by it. Then why pay her husband when he demands money while divorce? Does she accept the it was a mistake? Can you explain this?" the user asked.

A user shot back at Swara and explained how feminism has turned into just a role reversal thing which encourages women to just replicate things that men have been doing for a very long time. She said women need to be themselves to feel empowered and be what you want to be. Take a look.