Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho
Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho might rekindle romance in the near future.Suzy, Minoz

Suzy Bae seems to have plans to rekindle romance with her former lover Lee Min Ho immediately after he completes his military service.

The miss A member is apparently hinting about reigniting romance with The Legend Of The Blue Sea star in her latest album Faces Of Love.

Each song in the album, which was released on January 29, focuses on different feelings related to love, including bliss, longing and resentment.

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The young Korean entertainer has indirectly said that she has written the lyrics for every song in the album and she is trying to express herself through it.

"I try to tell my story when I'm promoting an album. So I try to express myself more. I even write lyrics through the various experiences I have," Koreaboo quoted her.

The While You Were Sleeping star has also said that she is trying to dig deep into different feeling related to love through her latest music project.

"In this album, I tried to convey love a bit deeper. I sang love songs since the past, but I think the feelings are deepening as I age," Soompi quoted her.

Does this mean that Faces Of Love is about Suzy's relationship with Min Ho? The fans may not get the answer from Suzy about it mainly because she is reportedly not interested in commenting on her love life.

A media person has claimed that he did not get a proper reply from the miss A singer when he asked her to say something about love in the mid 20s.

Here is what he wrote in his article (via Koreaboo):

When [Suzy] was asked what kind of love she wanted to portray through her new album, now that she's in her mid-twenties, she started off by saying, 'Love at age 25...' She then contemplated for a long time. She had difficulty answering the question and eventually failed to answer properly by saying 'I'm sorry

Although the article was about the role played by Suzy is writing lyrics for the songs of her latest album, it indicates that she is still struggling to adjust in life without Min Ho.