sushma swaraj
Pictured: MEA Sushma SwarajIANS

Congress' attempt to get Sushma Swaraj branded as a "failure" in her job as the external affairs minister backfired after Twitter users refused to consider the death of 39 Indians in Mosul as her fault.

The official Twitter handle of Indian National Congress conducted a poll Monday to assess Swaraj's "failure" as a foreign minister in handling the case of 39 Indians killed in Iraq.

Swaraj and the BJP government have been facing criticism in the hands of the opposition party and have also been accused of misleading the kin of the 39 people and hiding facts from them for almost four years.

However, the Twitter poll by the opposition party trolled the Congress itself when Swaraj retweeted the poll.

33,879 Twitter users responded to the poll and 76 percent said that the death of 39 Indians in Iraq is not Swaraj's biggest failure as the EAM.

Around 2.7 k people liked the post by the Congress and it has been shared by 3,131 people.

Several fans of Swaraj took it upon themselves to troll Congress.

A few even slammed Congress for its failures.

On March 20, Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha that all the 39 Indians, who have been missing in Iraq since 2014, have been killed by the terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The 39 Indians, mostly natives of Punjab, were working on various projects near Mosul when they were kidnapped. She had added that DNA matches have already been made for 38 bodies and the last one is being examined.