Nikhil Siddhartha in 'Surya Vs Surya'
Nikhil Siddhartha in 'Surya Vs Surya'

Nikhil Siddhartha's much-talked about and highly-anticipated film "Surya Vs Surya" has been released in theatres as Holi treat on 5 March. The film has got positive response from viewers.

Nikhil Siddhartha is one Telugu actor who has stopped concentrating on mass entertainers and focuses on experimental subjects and roles. His previous two outings "Swamy Ra Ra" and "Karthikeya" were crime-comedy and supernatural thrillers, and proved to be big hits at the box office. Encouraged by these successes, the actor is back with another such movie.

Though his latest outing "Surya Vs Surya" belongs to mass genre – romance drama, the subject dealt with in the film is experimental and has never featured in any Telugu film in the past. Karthik Ghattamaneni, who has earlier handled camera work for "Swamy Ra Ra" and "Karthikeya", turns director with this film. He has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. 

The story of "Surya VS Surya" is about a young man, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder – 'Porphyria'. This rare disease does not allow him to go out in sunlight as it can be fatal to him. How he manages to win the heart of his soul mate, while fighting against all odds forms the crux of the film. 

Nikhil Siddhartha has played the guy with genetic disorder, while newbie Tridha Choudhury appears as his love interest. Madhoo and Tanikella Bharani have essayed important roles. "Surya Vs Surya" has sterling performances by the lead actors, an interesting script and rich production values.

The audience, who have watched the film, say it is good romantic film with high entertainment quotient and have posted their comments on Twitter.

Here is the live update of 'Surya Vs Surya' movie review by viewers:

Resh Luv Nikhil♥ ‏@resh_nikhil

RockstAr @actor_Nikhil 's #SuryaVsSurya feel good,heart touching,full on entertaining movie can be watched by people of all ages. Don't miss

PawanKalyan ‏@KishanSarma 57m57 minutes ago

Good first half, slow and predictable second half. Entertaining at parts. Overall worth watchable. #SuryaVsSurya

Badhrinath.K @Badhrinath_K

Done with #SURYAvsSURYA Liked it Learned some good things..!


Surya and his friends(esp tanikella bharani) are awesome..and the night life of Hyderabad :) On a whole #SuryaVsSurya is a good entertainer. And the offscreen hero is KARTHIK.He did a fantastic job!

నేనింతే since 1984 ‏@tanurag143

Nikhil bags Hattrick wit ‪#‎suryavssurya‬.Complete class entertainer,little bit slow in 2nd half. Best dialogue Ninnu nuvvu accept chesukunte,tarvata ninnu evarina accept chestaru

Anvesh_rt @anvesh_rt

@actor_Nikhil just now seen ur's SURYA VS SURYA movie kekaa po anna neeku hattrick vacchndhi anna..interval and pre climax is superbbbbbbbb @Telugustates

Its shear pleasure to watch Tanikella Bharani on screen. #SuryaVsSurya First Half done , An innovative story going in a entertaing way with Hyderabad flavor Midnight biryani, Kulfi.... #SuryaVsSurya : A Good watch for @actor_Nikhil - Tanikella bharani and @madhoo69 Too good performances. Fun , Love and Hyderabadi involved.

Suresh Kondi V6 @V6_Suresh

A very good first half.. loved @actor_Nikhil Performance.. Looking forward for 2nd half..!! Surya vs Surya is enjoyable Rom-Com.Loved the music,camera work,Dialogues.@actor_Nikhil impressed with extraordinary expressions.Go & watch.

Sushanth Reddy ‏@sushanthreddy

Interval. Loved the first half. Highly entertaining and super premise. Interval scene and last dialogue adhiripoindhi... #SuryaVsSurya 2nd half konchem flat ayindhi... But it had its moments !! #SuryaVsSurya is a nice film with nice emotions !!! Worth a watch... Movie setup super asalu..Aa plot, aa night college, characters, valla costumes etc. !!. Cinematography and music was great too #SuryaVsSurya

Gupta ‏@guptanagu8

1st half over cool & Interesting waiting fr 2nd half tank-bund scen peakssssssss @actor_Nikhil bro performance #SuryaVsSurya

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#SuryaVsSurya 1st half is Good .. Very well written and executed Interval bang & @actor_Nikhil Performance. 2nd half Flat ga undi #SuryaVsSurya Overall Strictly Avg bomma .. One Time Watch. 2.75/5

Sђϊνα Krϊsђηα ‏@S_krishna1

#SuryaVsSurya 1st half full entertaining.. No doubt Hattrick hit for @actor_Nikhil Congrats !!

Rohith vasishta ‏@Rohithvasishta

@actor_Nikhil Hope #SuryaVsSurya would be one of the best told movies ever in our industry...:) Simple and cool first half..;)

Avad's ‏@avadsays

Done with the simple and quite interesting first half of #suryavssurya. @actor_Nikhil impresses big time. After an interesting first half #suryavssurya bogs down with no direction....

Abhinay Orange ‏@Abhi_9641

Good Effort By Hero Nikhil.. Good Till now! #SuryaVsSurya