Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Dutt
Sunil Dutt with his son, Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt, Instagram

Sunil Dutt was born on June 6, 1928, in Punjab. The actor was known for his movies like Mother India, Padosan, Yaadein and more.

Sunil was known for many attributes in life – acclaimed actor, successful producer, talented director, renowned politician and Nargis' husband – but there was one key role he played in his life. He was the father of Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju.

Although he was also the father of Priya Dutt, Sanjay's younger sister, who is also a politician, and Namrata Dutt; Sunil was shared a unique bond with Sanju.

Sunil had been a doting father of the controversial actor and had been by his side through thick and thin. The two actors shared a special relationship, one that has not been seen in any other father-son duo in Bollywood.

A glimpse of their relationship was seen when Sunil shared screen space with Sanjay in Munna Bhai MBBS. The cameo was Sunil's last movie. While that was merely a few moments, there are many photos of the Sanjay and Sunil together that show the latter as a supporting father and Sanju's close friend.

With Rajkumar Hirani's Sanju releasing this month, there are possibilities that fans will understand more about Sunil and Sanjay's bond. Until then, here are a few rare and unseen photos of the father-son duo that shows their love for each other.


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