Ruhail Amin, Sunaina Roshan
Ruhail Amin, Sunaina RoshanTwitter

In the latest development of Sunaina Roshan's troubled life, a close friend of the Roshan family has claimed that Sunaina's boyfriend Ruhail Amin is already married and has children.

"This chap whom Sunaina is seeing is apparently married and has children. That's why Guddu and Pinky (Rakesh Roshan and his wife) are going nuts. Sunaina has already made monstrous marital mistakes. Her parents don't want her to end up making one more wrong choice of partner," the friend was quoted as saying by Bollywood Hungama.

Sunaina had earlier revealed that her father Rakesh Roshan is against her relationship just because Ruhail is a Muslim. She said that even her brother Hrithik Roshan has also refused to help her.

Ruhail had also expressed his displeasure with the Roshan family for simply terming him a terrorist because of his religion. "Labelling someone extremist just because he/she belongs to a certain religion is simply outrageous and needs to be condemned in strongest words. Religions and geographies should not become the cornerstones of defining extremism; we need to move beyond that mindset," Ruhail had told News18 in an interview.

Hrithik Roshan, sister Sunaina Roshan, mother Pinky Roshan, father Rakesh Roshan
Hrithik Roshan with sister Sunaina Roshan, mother Pinky Roshan and father Rakesh RoshanInstagram

Rangoli Chandel too had tweeted about how Sunaina had been calling Kangana Ranaut multiple times asking to help her in this particular situation. "I fear her dangerous family might harm her, we want to make this public because Sunaina calling Kangana and crying all the time, Kangana doesn't know how to help now she has blocked her number but we fear for her safety, everyone has a right to love whoever they want, hopefully this will scare Roshans and they back off," Rangoli had tweeted just a day after Sunaina tweeted in support of Kangana saying that she was living in hell.

Sussanne Khan too had spoken in support of her ex-husband Hrithik Roshan and had said that she knows Sunaina to be an extremely loving warm, caring person, who is in an unfortunate situation. She further requested people to respect Roshan's family tough period showing her concerns about Rakesh Roshan's major health crisis and Pinky Roshan's current condition.

Sunaina, who had earlier posted a few pictures with her brother, father and mother, has now deleted all of them from her Instagram.