Tata Hexa
Tata Hexa (representational image)Ken Sunny
  • Checking oil level, coolant level and inspecting the engine belts are crucial
  • The summer heat can drain your battery fluid.
  • Keep the tyres inflated and ensure the right tyre pressure always

Its summer time and you should be planning road trips and long drives. But is your car checklist ready? Soaring temperatures take a toll not just on individuals but on cars as well. Excessive humidity impacts your car's performance leading to problems that might leave you stranded with a vehicle breakdown.

Here are some essential tips from Mahindra First Choice Services that will help your car survive the summer heat.

Under the bonnet

  • Oil levels should be checked on a regular basis, especially before venturing out on a long drive. In case the oil is dirty, get it changed immediately. This should always be done when your engine is cool.
  • Always check your coolant level. The coolant is typically replaced annually. It is always good to take the extra step of checking the coolant reservoir and hose to spot any leaks. Do not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot.
  • Inspect the engine belts. If there are cracks in the engine belt then have them replaced immediately.
  • Check the air filter. If you see any clogging and excessive dirt, you can have it either cleaned or replaced. Always consult a qualified technician when in doubt.
  • The summer heat can drain your battery of its fluid. Check the battery and ensure it is cool.


  • Keep the tyres inflated and ensure the tyre pressure is within the limits listed in the owner's manual.
  • Check the pressures before heading out for a long drive.
  • Always keep a spare tyre handy. Check the tyre pressure of the spare tyre regularly.

Other essentials

You might have experienced hot temperature inside the car even when the air-conditioning is on. Do a check to ensure there is no leakage in the AC system. Leaking Freon from the air conditioning system is not good for its health.

In case the cooling seems low during your drive, it is ideal to roll down your windows and drive. Get an AC disinfection treatment done for your car.