Self-proclaimed alien researcher Scott C Waring has been searching for alien activities for the past few years. Interestingly, Waring who currently operates from Taiwan has succeeded in spotting several anomalies on NASA images taken from Mars and the moon. Even though space experts have continuously dismissed the discoveries of Waring claiming them as classic cases of pareidolia, the UFO researcher strongly believes that alien existence is real.

Pyramids and alien bases on Mars

Now, Waring has claimed to have discovered pyramids and alien bases on Mars from NASA images. The UFO researcher revealed that these pyramid-like structures and entrances that lead to alleged bases were built by an advanced alien civilization. Waring added that the alien beings that might have lived on the Red Planet were giant creatures.

Mars alien base
Alleged alien bases on MarsET Data Base/NASA

"The other thing is a giant sculpture head with an equally sized hand with four visible fingers. This may be evidence of a giant species...turned into a giant fossil. But maybe a statue since the doorways were so 1/3 a meter tall openings, compared to the hand of the giant...which appears to be 2 meters across.

There were also two still being carved from the local stone, the other finished but with a face on the top. All in all, it seems Mars was teaming with intelligent life and the evidence is all over the place," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also alleged that NASA, the United States space agency is intentionally covering up the secrets surrounding alien life for unknown reasons.

Alien Life to be discovered on Mars soon?

It was around a few months back that Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist predicted the discovery of aliens on Mars. Green predicted that alien life, at least in microbial forms will be discovered on the Red Planet within 2021.

Green also added that humanity is not prepared enough to digest the facts surrounding the existence of extraterrestrials.