Every start-up has a story, but not all of them live long enough to tell them. But those that do, inspire the next wave of start-ups and the chain continues. Be it started in a garage or right after dropping out of college, the inspiring tales of some of the biggest start-ups have transformed into successful business models with multi-billion-dollar valuation. The first step to that is hitting that first milestone of $1 billion valuation to be called a unicorn start-up.

Even though the times are changing and start-ups hitting $1 billion valuation are not as rare as unicorns, there are some that go on the change the world while becoming decacorn ($10 billion valuation) and hectocorn ($100 billion valuation) start-ups. But the new crop of start-ups on path to becoming the next unicorns are diverse, focusing on software, back-end support, millennial women and more.

CB Insights, a firm that tracks venture capital and start-ups, shared a list of 50 start-ups that could be the next billion-dollar unicorns. The list includes some popular names such as CarDekho, Practo, DailyHunt, ClearTax among others. Check out the complete list (via The New York Times) here:

Airwallex – A foreign exchange and international payments platform

Alto Pharmacy – An online marketplace for all your medicinal needs

Amplitude – Supports digital business using analytics tools

Beisen – Provides talent management and measurement solutions

Benchling – A life science data management and collaboration platform

BetterCloud – Protects cloud software companies from cyber threats

Blend – Mortgage and consumer loan application software provider for lenders

Braze – Mobile marketing software developer

C2FO – FinTech company providing access to working capital

CarDekho Group – Online sales, financing, insurance for auto and education services


CargoX – Provides solution to make trucking companies more efficient using technology

Carta – Offers equity management services for investors, founders and employees

Checkr – Offers seamless background verification for workers

Citymapper – Google Maps-like software to help with transit and navigation in cities

ClearTax – Simplifies filing of taxes and managing investments

Contentful – Makes software for digital content

DailyHunt – A source for news and entertainment via app

Datrium – A cloud storage provider

DeepMap – Improves autonomous vehicles using mapping technology

Deputy – Provides staff management software

Domino Data Lab – Provides software for data management

Earnin – A short-term loan provider

Embark Trucks – Makes self-driving semi-trucks

Expanse – Provides security for internet-connected devices in large companies

Faire – Wholesale marketplace for boutiques and small vendors

Farmers Business Network – Buy, sell crops and share and analyse data online for farmers

Flywire – Payment software for global transactions

Front – Develops email collaboration software

Glossier – One stop shop for your skin-care and beauty products

Grow Mobility – Dockless bikes and scooter services

HackerOne – Discovers software vulnerabilities and patches them up

KRY – App-based doctor consultation platform for patients

MapBox – Provides mapping technology

Marqeta – A payment card platform

Medbanks Network Technology – Makes oncology systems

Miaoshou Doctor – Helps doctors and patients communicate online

Onshape – Provides cloud-based design tools for manufacturing

Outreach – A sales engagement platform

Practo Technologies – Online communication platform for doctors and patients

Practo Founder and CEO Shashank ND
Practo Founder and CEO Shashank NDPracto

QuintoAndar – A residential real estate rental platform

Razorpay – Online payment provider for merchants

RigUp – Helps contract workers in the energy industry to find work

SalesLoft – Helps companies increase sales through technology solutions

Segment – A platform for gathering and managing data

SiSense – Software for analysing and visualising data

Sonder – Helps find apartment-like hotels in cities

Standard Cognition – AI tools provider for physical stores

Upgrade – Online lending platform

Xiangwushuo – A platform where people can swap used items

Zola – An online wedding planning and registries platform