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Luke Skywalker might team up with Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.Facebook/Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi is scheduled for release on December 15 and the franchise fans are not really ready to wait until then to know the role of Mark Hamill's character Luke Skywalker in the movie.

Some of the eagle-eyed fans have got their hands on leaked details of the new trailer for the upcoming science fiction film and it teases a surprising plot twist for the Jedi Master.

Even director Rian Johnson indicated that Mark Hamill's character will have a major role to play in the new promotional footage for Star Wars: Episode VIII. "There will be plenty of Luke Skywalker in the upcoming trailer that will wow fans. Expect the unexpected," he teased while interacting with followers on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh claimed that the official full-length footage will be released during Disney's D3 expo, which will be held at Anaheim Convention Center in California from July 14-16.

Check out the leaked details on Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi trailer, released by image-based bulletin board called 4Chan, below:

John Williams is currently in studio conducting a track strictly for the trailer. Luke Skywalker will be delivering lines with his face visible onscreen this time. An extended shot of the books will be inserted. General Leia Organa appears controlling and operating some form of control panel. Finn is seen in action. Poe Dameron is taking out some Tie Fighter in space.

Two behind-the-scene photos of the upcoming science fiction film were also leaked online last weekend. While one of them features the Jedi Temple before it is set on fire probably by the Knights of Ren, another image features a damaged speeder chaser.

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A fan theory about the role of Adam Driver's character in The Last Jedi was also doing the rounds online and it indicates that the villainous character Kylo Ren could be a resistance spy. It read as below:

So, I thought about this theory a lot of time ago and some things are not already cleared for me, so if you can, give me a help! I know that on the internet the most accepted theory by the fans is that Kylo wants to take Rey to the Dark Side, but if you think about it for a bit, also Vader wanted to took his son to the Dark Side, but he didn't lose against him!

He wanted to make his son believe that he didn't have other choices apart from joining him. So, why Kylo loses? I think that he's a resistance's spy: he's the son of the boss of the resistance, and he was trained by Luke Skywalker so it could be totally canon. He would be a spy cause he'd steal the majority of the information about the First Order and General Snoke, and after he'd go with the rebellion to fight him.

This would explain a lot of things: he loses against Rey cause he knows that she's with the Resistance and he doesn't want to kill her, so he also doesn't kill his father Han Solo, and this would explain why Chewbacca doesn't kill Kylo after he "kills" his father.

If this is true, I think that they didn't already tell this to Rey because they didn't know if they could trust her, but I think that after her training, Luke Skywalker will realise that she's good and she will tell her everything.