Star Wars
Star Wars: Episode VIII, titled The Last Jedi, will hit the big screens across the globe in December.Facebook/Star Wars

Star Wars Day celebration 2017 has been very special for everybody related to the galaxy far, far away, as it did not just involve franchise fans and family members.

Government officials from various parts of the world, including Australia, Russia, Canada and the UK, also shared messages under the tagline May the Fourth be with you. Some of the franchise fans were even hoping to hear a special message from Queen Elizabeth II.

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tributes to Lucasfilm and his favourite movie from the franchise by sharing a message on Twitter, the Australian Senate took the opportunity to tease the House of Representatives by looping them into it.

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The Canadian prime minister, who is known as a longtime fan of Star Wars, posted a photo featuring a pair socks and wrote, "These are the socks you're looking for."

In the meantime, the Australian Senate shared a series of messages on the social media. "Thinking of our colleagues in the Galactic Senate on Star Wars Day," read the first message.

Shortly, another message popped in on the Twitter page, which read: "It's a shame there isn't a Galactic House of Representatives."

Star Wars Day
Star Wars Day

Meanwhile, the Russian embassy in the UK posted a photo of Darth Vader, urging people to join them. "Come to our side – follow us on twitter on #StarWarsDay," read the message.

However, the above messages did not really capture the attention of Star Wars fans, as they were more interested to hear a special message from Queen Elizabeth II. Some of the franchise fans were hilariously convinced that the emergency meeting called by her at Buckingham Palace was to announce that she is with the force.