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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi has been hit with another major online leak and it hints at the introduction of a new lightsaber, which could be used by villainous character Supreme Leader Snoke.

An image featuring the list of Star Wars products that will make its way to a GameStop store in September has been leaked online. It features two toy figures with code-name Victor and has a lot of similarities with Andy Serkis' character.

"The so-called Victor is very likely to be Snoke. What gives us reason to think that it is Snoke is because in one of the two figures that this character will have that it will include a throne, and we've seen no one but Snoke we sit on a throne in the Sequel Trilogy," stated a fansite called Star Wars News Net.

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The online portal also claimed that the mysterious leader of the First Order could be using a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, as the toy figure is seen holding a lightsaber. "If Victor is indeed Snoke, then the villain possesses a lightsaber of his own," stated the website.

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The leaked list of Star Wars products that made its way online also features two other toy figures code-named Cool Beta and Foxtrot. While Cool Beta is speculated to be something related to The Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Foxtrot is expected to be a few of the Knights of Ren.

Here is the complete list of Black Series Star Wars Toys that has been leaked online:

Star Wars
  • SW E8 Deluxe Figure 2-Pack – 5010993364367
  • SW E8 RP Electronic Lightsaber – 5010993370344
  • SW E8 Electronic Mask – 5010993370207
  • SW E8 RP Extendable Lightsaber – 5010993364220
  • SW E8 3.75″ SWU Figure Collection 1 – 5010993364442
  • SW E8 3.75″ SWU Figure Collection 2 – 5010993364510
  • SW E8 Hero Series Figure W1 – 5010993370863
  • SW E8 Hero Series Figure W2 – 5010993447046
  • RP Mask – 5010993370429
  • Lightsaber – 5010993370504
  • Lightsaber – 5010993372874
  • Starter Set F – 5010993372966
  • Starter Set I – 5010993426515
  • Starter Set D – 5010993372942
  • Vehicle Class A – 5010993370757
  • Vehicle Class B – 5010993370818
  • Vehicle Class C – 5010993364282
  • Vehicle Class D – 5010993364305
  • Victor Deluxe Lightsaber – 5010993370443
  • SW E8 Figures 30cm – 5010993435203
  • SW E8 IP Beak (Electronic Plush) – 5010993380640
  • IP Smart Delta 2 – 5010993370269
  • Jedi Knight Lightsaber – 5010993371655
  • Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon Playset – 0887961385328
  • Extendable Lightsaber RP Victor 1 – 5010993370528