Akkineni Nagarjuna with Bigg Boss Telugu 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj and runnerup Sreemukhi
Akkineni Nagarjuna with Bigg Boss Telugu 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj and runnerup SreemukhiTwitter

Star Maa is facing backlash for declaring folk singer Rahul Sipligunj the winner of its hit reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Many viewers condemned the TV channel, saying that he did not deserve the title.

Rahul Sipligunj, Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar, Varun Sandesh and Ali Reza were the top five finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Star Maa held a grand finale to announce the winner of the show. Along with host Nagarjuna, megastar Chiranjeevi, who was the chief guest on the occasion, gave away the winner's trophy to Rahul Sipligunj.

Soon after the announcement, Star Maa tweeted a couple of photos featuring Akkineni Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi honouring Rahul Sipligunj with the winner's trophy of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. The TV channel captioned these pictures with, "Congratulations #RahulSipligunj for winning #BiggBossTelugu3 title. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours #BB3TeluguFinale"

This tweet of Star Maa faced a lot of backlash from the viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. In reply, most of the respondent said that Rahul Sipligunj did not play even complete a single task properly and he survived inside the house through sympathy votes. Baba Bhaskar, Sreemukhi and Varun were more deserving contestants for the winner's title than him. Some of them threatened to stop watching the TV channel.

Akkineni Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi with Bigg Boss Telugu 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj and runnerup Sreemukhi
Chiranjeevi with Bigg Boss Telugu 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj and runnerup SreemukhiTwitter

It should be mentioned here that Star Maa decided the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 based on the viewers' votes through HotStar App and missed phone calls. Before the finale, many online surveys showed that Rahul Sipligunj topped the poll with a huge margin of votes. The poll results had made it clear that he is the top choice for the title. All thanks to his popularity gained through his singing skills.

Here is how many viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 replied to Star Maa's tweet on the winner of the show.

Ramesh @Ram3599

Rest 4 were better contestants than Rahul, he's not at all a winner let it be tasks, the way he talk. He cannot be an role model to anyone... If it's his singing than it should have been Singing reality show or dating show

V Aduri @Neverbackoff5

This is nonsense. He never put on full effort always lazy

BACHI..... @0c38a002901347b

Really its very disappointed...real entertainer baba good soul...no worries baba garu u won millions of heart...we all going to miss you super star baba...God bless you...chennai naa summa vaa... ✌ ✌

Anil Kumar @AnilKum74330302

Undeserved candidate for title @iamnagarjuna @Biggboss3T @StarMaa, don't ever run this type of unworthy reality shows

Vasantha Lakshmi @Vasanth64813795

This is no where a reality show..Everything is scripted..he didnt even play a single task properly..How can he be the bigboss title winner?

Santhosh katkuri @katkurisanthosh

BiggBossTelugu lost its Credebility by announcing a non-performer as winner and insulting 4 performers who gave there 100% especially #Baba and #Varun... Shame on you @StarMaa #BiggBossTelugu3 @iamnagarjuna ... You break our hearts and wasted our 105 days...

nitin @coolmate2000

Dint like rahul as winner.. He was not even a strong contestant.

Prem babji @premzoomout

Worthless award rahul ki evadaa singer ani tappa inka vadi character bad words back talks mattalu marichi mataladam waste award for @StarMaa @BiggBossTeluggu genuine ga baba kani @SreemukhiWorld kani ayyinde manchiga vundedhi

Venkat Patnana @patnana_venkat

Sipathy tho gelichadu Mana telugu vallu sipathy chupistharu last year bigg boss 2 loo kuda kaushal ni gelipincharu Worst Bigg boss

vinnu @Kutty25430335

Rip starmaa u made a unworthy contestant to win this season

Captain Fasak @CaptainFasak

Finally... Bakras of the #BiggBossTelugu3, Who watched with show ! Heros of the season, Who abused the people ! Fake show, Cheated whole viewers, Worst winner ever. If you have guts, boycott watching StarMAA. Portraying wrong people as Heros of the society. Shame.

P Suman @penchalsuman

Congrats Rahul, he is not real winer, he never play tasks properly... biggboss team game planning worst...

Khasim vali @khasimpeeravali

Chee chee next season chudalani intrest kuda mingindhi, oka worthless waste fellow winner avvadam yento

krishmvj @krishlegal

I'm unfollowing maatv from this minute onwards. Thupak

Venkatshankar @shankardhoni

This is wrong decision by bigg boss. I am seriously disappointed. Sri mukhi is the winner as per behaviour and task performance. Rahul done so many bad things in the house. So he can't be winner.