Pawan Kalyan celebrated Jana Sena formation day

Power star Pawan Kalyan visited the TFCC (Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce) with advocates to discuss Sri Reddy's rant against him on Friday, April 20. Allu Arjun and Nagababu joined the actor in his meeting.

Suresh Kondi‏, an observer of the Telugu film industry, confirmed the news about Pawan Kalyan's visit to the TFCC. He tweeted, "Breaking: #Pawankalyan press meet in sometime. #Pawankalyan came to film chamber with many advocates and Nagababu other few artistes. #AlluArjun joined with #Pawankalyan at chamber now."

Later, Suresh Kondi cleared that Pawan Kalyan is not holding a press meet. He is going to hold a meeting with the MAA (Movie Artistes Association). He tweeted, "No Press Meet.. Only internal meeting.. #Pawankalyan.. #MAA"

Talking to media recently, Pawan Kalyan had advised Sri Reddy to file a complaint with the police instead of protesting against sexual harassment. His advice did not go down well with her, who later used abusive language against him in front of TV cameras. Her personal attack on the power star shocked many people in the industry.

Some people in the industry, who were silent on Sri Reddy rant against Tollywood, opened up on the controversy and blasted her for insulting such a senior and dignified actor. The mega family fans trolled her on the social media. Pawan Kalyan's brother Nagababu and producer Allu Aravind held press meets to condemn and other members of the mega family hurled their anger against her on social media platforms.

Amidst all this, a phone conversation between Sri Reddy and transgender artiste Tamanna was leaked and it revealed that Ram Gopal Varma influenced her to abuse Pawan Kalyan and YSRCP also conspired against the power star. Later, both Sri Reddy and RGV offered their apologies to the actor.

Days after all this happened, Pawan Kalyan now took to his Twitter account to talk about Sri Reddy. In a series of tweets, the actor-turned-politician alleged that the whole episode was the TDP's conspiracy against him. Click here to see the series of tweets of the power star.