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Jana Sena Party chief, power star Pawan Kalyan has finally opened up on the controversy surrounding Sri Reddy's abusive rant against him and called the incident a conspiracy led by TDP.

Irked by the advice of Pawan Kalyan, actress Sri Reddy had abused and insulted his mother. Her rant had shocked people across the Telugu states. The actor's fans, his brother Nagababu and film celebrities such as Allu Arvind had condemned the actress' inappropriate behavior.

But the power star had maintained his silence, until now.

Pawan Kalyan took to his Twitter page to respond to Sri Reddy's comments and claimed it as a political conspiracy. In a series of posts, he went on to talk about the TDP members, who hatched the plan against. The power star tweeted, "Before becoming an actor or a political party leader I am a son first.. As a Son.. If I could not safeguard the honour of mother i better die than live.."

The actor tweeted, "My question to all the media channel heads 1. Would you dare to think of doing the some abuse to Sri CBN or Sri Lokesh? 2. Will you ever even think of telecasting abusive rants on opposition leader like yesterday ? 3. Will you ever attempt on Sri Balakrishna? But only "PawanKalyan" and his "aging & frail Mother"deserves such abusive rants and repeated telecasts, analysis & debates" So tel I me my dear Rich & Powerful Media Barons- why this special, exclusive treatment for me & my Old Mother??

Pawan Kalyan continued, "‏I forgot to tell you Sri.Lokesh calls this senior anchor known as Mr. Samba Siva rao (TV-5) ..affectionately as Uncle. Hon.ChiefMinister http://Sri.CBN Garu ,For these Channels "Legality of Prostitution" is more important than "Special category Status"; hence , most of the time is going for it. What is your priority Respected Sir, as you control the Media?"

Pawan Kalyan released the photos of Ram Gopal Varma and two other people and alleged that they forced Sri Reddy to abuse his mother. The actor wrote, "The trio who helped TDP bosses to get my mother abused in public."

Pawan Kalyan posted another photo featuring Radhkrishna, the head of ABN and wrote, "Another member of the Dream Team "Open heart RK ", who openly got my mother abused in public got mileage and TRP also.."

Pawan Kalyan concluded, "‏Interesting fact,The current Dream team also has Mothers, sisters, Daughters , Daughter in laws and all the women. But their women are secured and safe but my Poor, frail, aging 70 year old mother had to get abused for their TRPs and political benefits. You all love & die for Shows which will get highest TRPS for your channels, right?? .. Good !!I will give the Mother of all Shows."