Actress Sri Reddy and Tamil actor Vishal
Actress Sri Reddy and Tamil actor VishalCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Controversial actress Sri Reddy has continued her rant against Tamil actor Vishal Krishna Reddy and said that she will reveal his d**k size and challenged him to prove her wrong.

Last weekend, Sri Reddy had announced that she would campaign against Vishal, who is contesting Nadigar Sangam elections for the post of general secretary of the South India Artists Association (SIAA). She claims that he is a fraud who sexually exploited many girls and will not return to power again.

Sri Reddy apparently upped the ante against Vishal on Facebook as she dared him to reveal the size of his private part on Tuesday. "I want to see Vishal's di..k right now..he showed to many but I didn't see that cheap cheat.." wrote Sri Reddy adding, "I will tell the size..vishal have balls to open his pant in public to prove??"

Vishal's ex-girlfriend Varalaxmi Sarathkumar recent allegations that he stooped down in his recent election campaign video by harping on her father's past. Talking about it, Sri Reddy said, "If any one try to attack me or my frnds or on my favourite politicians, I wl see the end..end wl be red..I am a best protector.. I support vara Lakshmi garu.."

Sri Reddy also attacked some media houses who supported Vishal. She wrote on Facebook: "Without having proofs Sri reddy doing allegations(aavakaya badha) nd all few great people writing on their fuckin websites..if u guys r right till now why that cheaters come out nd didn't say i didn't cheat Sri they hv guts??don't write what ever u like masala.."

Being a Reddy, Sri Reddy declined to support other people from her community, who are involved in sexual exploitation of innocent girls. She wrote, "I am not a reddy supporter. people think dat I love my caste nd all. I wl squeeze the balls who ever play with girl's vagina r heart. Reddy, Tamil film Industry is not your father's property.might be you can cntrl few tamil media channels.."

Today, Sri Reddy warned, "If you are a senior actor give a lift nd be a best guide to the next generation actress..if u enjoy this actress meat,some dog wl enjoy your daughter nd your wife meat.."

Sri Reddy said that Vishal and team, which was in power in Nadigar Sangam, did not support and address the issues of the victims of the #MeToo movement. Hence, she requested the people in the industry to vote for Bhagyaraj's team this time. She wrote, "Last elected nadigar sangam didn't help to ME TOO VICTIMS. bhagya raj sir's group has to win this time..we all of our victims get some justice."