Sri Reddy, Vishal Krishna Reddy
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Actress Sri Reddy is back in news with sensational allegations against actor Vishal Reddy. She says that he had sex with many girls in his caravan and she knows the person who provides girls to him.

Along with his team - Pandavar Ani, Vishal filed the nominations for the elections of Nadigar Sangam on Saturday. The actor is contesting for the post of general secretary of the South India Artists Association (SIAA). A day before his nomination, Sri Reddy launched an attack on him and called him a fraud.

In her Facebook post, the controversial actress claimed that she has all the details of Vishal's fraud activities. Sri Reddy wrote on June 14, "Mr.vishal reddy how fraud you are I have all details?? E matram chaaluna inka konchem venumaaa??eppidi??"

A day later, Sri Reddy intensified her attack on Vishal on Facebook. In a series of post, she wrote on June 15, "Vishal what is your dic. each nd every girl u used to show,nd u used to praise of ur di.. big it is can I see?? African size nd giant size.. I came to know,with that u cheated many girls I know vishal.. If u hv guts,if u didn't cheat any girl prove that u dn hv a big ducky (sic)."

Sri Reddy also requested people in the industry not to vote for Vishal. "Who are voting to vishal,purinjuko he is a big fraud..puriyadha??trust me I am not saying lies my mother swear, my career Swear.." Sri Reddy wrote on June 15, adding, "Vishal not a good human being he acts in public simply..why I kept my self means I just wanted to say before every one get protected.."

Continuing her tirade, Sri Reddy said she is not bothered about her career being spoiled by Vishal. The actress wrote, "If u smash my career I am ready,wl u kill me I am ready..still i say u r a cheat nd fraud vishal.. Wt out taking sexual commitment he wl nt work.any lady gives commitment they wl get good career through him.he wl praise on stage."

Sri Reddy also alleged that Vishal had paid sex with many girls in his vanity van and she knows about the person who provides girls. Here are her comments posted on Facebook on June 15 and 17.

Fukc..What wl happen in vishal's caravan??u go for payed sex,I know who wl provides girls to u..

Swear on your family and say you didn't do all this mess with many girls..sharati babu daughter also a victim..

I know 3 of your victims..I am a real roaring lion u can't compare your self with me..please be real vishal,it's a small life..

If I get any problem any where,u wl definitely see my kaali maatha avatharam which wl destroy everything..

Punish cruelly your sons who are playing with girls..happy father's day

Dont vote for Vishal

I want to see vishal 's di..k right now..he showed to many but I didn't see that cheap cheat..