Sri Reddy
Sri ReddyCollage of photos taken from Facebook/iamsrireddy

Actress Sri Reddy blasted at Tollywood bigwigs and said they need to take inspiration from Kollywood stars like Rajinikanth, Suriya and Karthi on how to respond to social issues.

She had recently released the list of the actresses and TV anchors involved in Tollywood sex racket in Chicago, US. She was criticised for naming and shaming victims. She declined to comment on the list when TV channel quizzed her about it. She said, "I mentioned few names because no artiste is ready to come forward and talk about prostitution and casting couch."

Taking a dig at actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, she said, "Pawan Kalyan garu, remember my words? Whatever I spoke on that day has turned true today. It has been proved by the US police. Tollywood's reputation is now completely damaged."

"When Sri Reddy spoke about prostitution, the bigwigs in Film Nagar should have discussed the issue and taken a decision, which would have brought some change. Instead, they ignored the problems of the artistes saying that there is no prostitution in the industry and only couple of people are involved in it."

In 1993, the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh government had allotted 67.18 acres to cine workers through GO 658. It mandated that half the plots should be allocated to local workers and technicians in 24 categories and the rest to eligible members from other states working in the Telugu film industry. But the society at the Chitrapuri Colony is allegedly violating government orders.

Talking about it, Sri Reddy said, "Chitrapuri Colony issue is a big problem. Cine workers are living on road side and there is dire need to provide food and medical facilities to them. But Tollywood is leading a shameless life today. Look at Kollywood in Tamil Nadu and how they behave with artistes. Big personalities like Surya, Karthi and Rajinikanth are so humble."

Sri Reddy said that the Telugu celebs should learn from Tamil stars. The actress added, "They all come together to support people, when they are affected by storm, rain or any other problem. They provide food packets to victims."